Guest Contributor Asked & God Answers (A Special Cameo Piece by Dana L. Perry)

A welcomed voice to the TPP platform raised some concerns for him that are serious and warrant answers. They are not particularly important to me as it relates to my journey because my relationship with God is personal. It is not understood through His response to world events, human suffering or global crisis. I am... Continue Reading →

This Mess Is Not About God- This Mess Is About Us (Special Guest Contributor)

AN OPINION PIECE by ARTHUR U. TELLUM I'm exhausted listening to Trump apologists who are minorities, particularly Blacks, try to push back these days saying all we need is for America to bring back God into the nation's life and its institutions. Accepting the above premise, arguendo, where was God in 1861 at the start... Continue Reading →


I have finally figured this thing out.  The UNITED States of America can finally solve this stubborn problem that reared its ugly head yet again over the weekend in Charlottesville once and for all.  It has been obvious for quite some time that the battlefield vanquishing of the Confederacy was incomplete.  The rebels were beaten,... Continue Reading →


There is a very small number of Republican politicians or pundits out there that deserve any credit for thier condemnation of President Trump's failure to condemn white nationalism and white supremacy hate groups in the wake of the tragic events in Charlottesville, Virginia last weekend.  The number is so small I can name them right... Continue Reading →

“Marvin Gaye Christians” Need Our Love- But We Need Theirs Even More I know that a lot of my Christian friends and loved ones feel like the church has been under attack for years.  Many feel like Christianity and the institution of the church has been marginalized in mainstream culture and that those who carry the torch are oftentimes singled out for unfair attack and scrutiny.... Continue Reading →

Quickie & Coffee – START SOMETHING! (Special Guest Contributor)

(The Progressive Pugilist Welcomes Guest Contributor Arthur U. Tellum- Enjoy!) Always remember this: It is never too late to start... something. Even if you start something and realize you started too late, you'll know going forward that you need to plan better. Even if you start something and realize you didn't get the desired result,... Continue Reading →

QUOTE NOTE: Prince, The Great Funk Philosopher Said What We All Know Instinctively

Transactional physical engagement has become popular and commonplace in our point-and-click world of instant gratification, detached sexuality and salacious imagery on demand.  But when it comes to true connection, to real and personal intimacy, there ain't nothing better in this world than love.  If God made anything better, he kept that shit up there for... Continue Reading →

Degreed Or Not Degreed- That Is The Question

Before I jump off into this discussion I need to establish that I value education tremendously.  Formal education to be specific.  Not the school of hard-knocks education or the self-study variety that's value is verifiable almost exclusively by what the holder can demonstrate through direct deliverables.  But the certifiable, accredited, establishment oriented, ivory tower real... Continue Reading →


As you can clearly see, the clip art for this piece features some extreme curves.  It may be tough but try to focus on the higher message that is coming through.  As eye-catching, attention-commanding and awe-inspiring as those curves may be, they are a visual metaphor for love itself.  Consuming, impactful, and alluring in every... Continue Reading →

FX, “Snowfalls” & John Singleton Make It Official: Black Men Have Won The Race To The Bottom (Graphic Language)

About a week ago I had the misfortune of having my television tuned in to the FX channel while I was giving my teenage son a haircut.  We weren't really watching the show that was on- it was just providing background noise for our normal barber shop style banter.  We were having a good time... Continue Reading →

Anthony Scaramucci, On Behalf Of Our Weary Yet Proud Nation, Thank You For Your Service (Contains Adult Language)

Lawrence O'Donnell of MSNBC won my quote of the day prize on Friday when he said Anthony Scaramucci is so mentally disturbed that he belongs in a straight jacket.  Lawrence is one of the most insightful pundits in television but I don't know enough about this guy to cosign on that just yet.  What is... Continue Reading →

Women Need To Cut The Sh*t And Start Supporting Each Other (Warning: Contains Adult Language)

Ladies, Trump is embarrassing the hell out of our country and destroying damn near everything he touches- and it really is your fault.  Don't shoot the messenger, please.  If American women supported Hilary Clinton in anywhere close to the numbers that men supported Donald Trump, we would not be living through the circus-act dumpster-fire presidency... Continue Reading →


Some of us are forcefully opinionated- people that write professionally typically are so count me in that number.  And it feels good to possess such certainty of your worldview and to have the command over your communications to deliver it.  But we should proceed with caution.     That "My Way Or The Highway" approach... Continue Reading →

Conservatives Can’t Find A Way Out- And Now We Have To Help Them

Despite everything that has gone on with them for the last 50 years we have to help them now.  We cannot leave them in this terrible place that they have gotten themselves into.  Conservative politicians and their supporters have delighted in pissing us off for years with their self-righteous, hypocritical, self-congratulatory, small-minded, ethnocentric, phony-tough guy,... Continue Reading →

The “Christian Right” Is Going Straight To Hell For Donald Trump

The political arm of the Christian Evangelical community has fully embraced Donald Trump and now they have no credibility as either a religious entity or a political entity. No candidate campaigning for elective office on the basis of their status as an Evangelical Christian has any business serving the public in a policy making capacity.... Continue Reading →

The Pardon Party Planning Committee Is Meeting Now! (Warning: Strong Language)

As soon as word came down that if Paul Manafort and Donald Trump Jr. fail to show up for scheduled security committee hearings on Capitol Hill next week that they'll be getting subpoenas, the Pardon Party Planning Committee was called to order by President Pie-Eating-Contest.  We all need to brace ourselves for the embarrassing sh*t-show... Continue Reading →

Night Cap with Dana Lena’- Ladies,We Can’t Love Scared. Its Okay to Fall!

Everyone wants to be loved. I mean sincerely loved. Not the lip service action that most people give and get. No, real love. The love that listens. The love that supports. The love that cheers. The love that encourages. The love that not only listens to your dreams but cultivate those dreams. Agape (Greek), unconditional... Continue Reading →

O.J. Simpson: STILL America’s MVP

Here is the shot: O.J. got off in his criminal trial because he had to be found guilty beyond a reasonable doubt. O.J. was found liable in his civil trial because the jury had to decide if it was more likely than not that he was responsible for the crimes that took the lives of the victims. Both results were legally correct.


The Progressive Pugilist is not in the business of fandom or celebrity worship- even celebrities in journalism and political discourse.  But if I were capable of being the fan of another person it would be of Eugene Robinson of the Washington Post.  Eugene is a brilliant Pulitzer Prize winning writer and journalist.  Eugene has a... Continue Reading →

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