Where Can Democrats Win?

The special election in Georgia’s 6th Congressional District on Tuesday night, where Republican Karen Handel defeated Democrat Jon Ossoff by just under 4 percentage points, will have plenty of near-term consequences. Republicans are in the midst of trying to pass a health care bill, and Handel’s win should give GOP members of Congress a confidence… via... Continue Reading →

Why Getting Shot Was Great For Steve Scalise And The Republican Party (Warning: Contains Strong Language)

Nothing is more valuable to a villain than the opportunity to be cast as an innocent victim.  The veneer of victimhood  allows the villain to carry on his dastardly deeds under the cover of public sympathy with impunity.  This is the reason why Rush Limbaugh, Fox News and other conservative media entities spend so much... Continue Reading →


No disrespect to the good people out there working to draw attention to the scourge of police violence against black citizens, but the greatest violence being done in America today is to the institution of truth and the facts that form its foundation.  And because our society has wandered so far away from truth as... Continue Reading →


Some of us are forcefully opinionated- people that write professionally typically are so count me in that number.  And it feels good to possess such certainty of your worldview and to have the command over your communications to deliver it.  But we should proceed with caution.     That "My Way Or The Highway" approach... Continue Reading →

Sorry Ladies, Being An Awesome Single Mother Does NOT Make Father’s Day Your Day Too

  Just Google “Happy Father’s Day, Mom,” and you’ll find the following memes, amongst others: “Happy Father’s Day to my Mom, who did both jobs to raise me single-handedly.” “Mom, Happy Father’s Day. Because let’s face it, you’re the best Dad I’ve ever had.” As a man, and a father, I find this insulting. There... Continue Reading →

Quickie & Coffee- The Dynamite Dynamic

Light Your Fire This Summer And Stay Hot For The Rest Of The Year. There is Still Time 2 Make 2017 Your Best Year Yet.

The Progressive Pugilist with D.V.H. Esquire

We are far more powerful than we realize.  It is very easy for us to forget what we can do because over time we settle into patterns of placid existence and pedestrian engagements.  When the natural passion of youth fades away, so too does our connection with the enormous power dwelling within us-  the power we wielded in our dreams as kids and later dismissed as adults as the world began to rob us of our enthusiasm for playing the game of life aggressively.  Look in the mirror more deliberately next time you are there and realize this:

People are like sticks of dynamite.  All of the explosive power is on the inside, but nothing happens until the fuse gets lit.

The question for you to answer for yourself right here and right now is where is the fire that lights your fuse?  What is it going to take for the power inside of you to ignite and explode…

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The Ever Elusive Tupac Shakur (Warning: Contains Adult Language)

Human beings are complex- some of us more than others.  And when society expends great efforts to oversimplify people, the more forceful the pushback from those who resist the restrictions being imposed upon them.  This, in my view, explains the enduring popularity of Tupac Shakur who died more than 20 years ago but whose biopic... Continue Reading →

Am I Supposed To Give A Damn About Steve Scalise? (Warning: Contains Adult Language)

Why is it a part of our media culture that when something bad happens to somebody we are supposed to forget about what kind of person they are?  Steve Scalise, Republican Congressman from Louisiana, the majority whip of the United States Congress, got shot this morning in the hip by some crazy asshole who took... Continue Reading →

The Flint water crisis has led to manslaughter charges for a Michigan health official — Quartz

When Nick Lyon, the head of Michigan’s health department, learned of an uptick of Legionnaire’s disease in the Flint area in January 2015, he chose not to alert the public to the deadly pathogen lurking in their drinking water. He didn’t tell the governor about it until a year later. The outbreak, which began in… via... Continue Reading →

Ladies, Diamonds Are NOT Your Best Friend- Discretion Is (Warning: Contains Adult Language)

Ladies, please take heed of the following public service announcement:  But first I want to thank you for visiting- I learned a long time ago that the first rule of dealing with women in any context is to demonstrate genuine appreciation for the time and attention they give you.  My mother is gone but she is... Continue Reading →

America On Trial: James Comey’s Revenge

The Game Changed This Week- I Hope We Didn’t Miss It

The Progressive Pugilist with D.V.H. Esquire

In our politics and pop culture the imagery of a trial is often employed for dramatic affect- and more often than not the imagery is grossly inaccurate.   Trials are depicted as emotional and psychological roller coaster rides with big, exciting moments, shocking disclosures and damning admissions that are certain to doom or liberate the person being judged.  In real life, you can watch trials all day every day year after year without ever seeing anything like the famous Al Pacino And Justice For Allexplosion from the courtroom floor “You’re out of order!! They’re out of order!!  This whole system is out of order!!”


Nor will you see a witness condemn themselves and seal their fate with an angry outburst like Jack Nicholson’s famous A Few Good Meneruption “You want the truth?!  You can’t handle the truth!!”  Doesn’t happen, folks.


But today something that is highly consequential is…

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“The Godfather” Lied To You- Business Is HIGHLY Personal (Contains Adult Language)

The Progressive Pugilist with D.V.H. Esquire

Because I am a certified cinephile I tend to get highly agitated when movie quotes are misappropriated and misunderstood by unenlightened viewers.  There is no greater example of this than one of the most famous quotes from one of the most famous films ever.  In “The Godfather” there is a scene (actually several scenes) where some variation of the phrase “it is just business, it’s not personal” serves as the dialogue money shot.  I’m calling bullshit on that now and forever.  It is certainly a nicely crafted line for a movie but that is why movies are not real life.  In real life, I am going to tell you what is going on if somebody says to you “it is just business, not personal.” They are about to power-fuck you, and not in the way that you want it so I strongly suggest that you check…

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Trumps Budget Cuts TRUMPS what comes out of his mouth.

President Donald stood this week on the bank of the Ohio River before 400 steelworkers, coal miners, and construction workers with barges of coal parked behind him. Amid departures from his text to chastise those he called “obstructionists,” President Donald touted his plan to spend $1 trillion to rebuild the nation’s airports, roads, bridges and […]... Continue Reading →


The Great Visionary Walt Disney, started the Disney empire with sheer imagination and determination. In 1928, he created the character Mickey Mouse and went on to create more characters, animations, movies and entertainment parks which decades after his death, is a forever empire and cultural phenomenon...and it all started with a pencil, sketch pad and... Continue Reading →

QUOTE NOTE: Prince, The Great Funk Philosopher Said What We All Know Instinctively

Transactional physical engagement has become popular and commonplace in our point-and-click world of instant gratification, detached sexuality and salacious imagery on demand.  But when it comes to true connection, to real and personal intimacy, there ain't nothing better in this world than love.  If God made anything better, he kept that shit up there for... Continue Reading →

Wrecking Ball Politics

It is a natural law of the universe that destruction of any structure is far easier than the construction of that same structure.  Destruction can come from stupidity, irrationality, happenstance or just raw emotion. Construction, on the other hand requires vision, intellect, skill, discipline, and patience.  Nothing great has ever been built in the absence... Continue Reading →

Ladies, Learn To Ride A Horse First And Then A Man Is Very Easy To Handle

There is something undeniably endearing and captivating in watching a woman tending to a horse that she loves.  There is nothing quite like it in the realm of relations between humankind and the beasts over which we were given dominion.  I believe there is something special about the bond between a woman and a horse... Continue Reading →

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