Morning Quickie-Progressive Manhood Philosophies: Tenet 1

Over the next several days, I will spell out who we should be as progressive men and why we should be trusted to direct our nation, manage our institutions, and lead our communities.  Unlike the others reaching desperately for the levers of power, we already have the foundation of benevolence required for optimal leadership.  We are in a deep confidence crisis right now and our job is to restore peace and order where it has been lost and generate genuine optimism for the future. Starting here:

Tenet 1- 

Progressive ethos dictates that we treat with boundless patience the women, children and elderly that we have been blessed to share our lives with- While holding ourselves and other men strictly accountable for our role in keeping our society and our ecology operating justly and effectively.  We will love, lead and legislate according to this core principle. 

Thank you so much for checking in.  Do your thing today and I’ll see you tomorrow…

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