Progressive Manhood Philosophies: Tenet 2

Last week, I began setting out my vision of who we should be as progressive men and why we should be trusted to direct our nation, manage our institutions, and lead our communities.  Tenet 2 provides the foundation of our governing philosophy and spotlights why we are so very different than our counterparts from the other side of the political spectrum.  At our core, we promote servant leadership and that core directs us as follows:

Tenet 2- 

Progressive ethos dictates that we govern and judge our society based upon the quality of life of the members that are the most vulnerable and least capable of fending for themselves.  The stability and mobility of these people is our primary focus.  We will lead and legislate according to this core principle. 

Many of our greatest challenges persist because this principle is absent in many governing decisions.  Economic and racial stratification and poverty could be eradicated by adherence to this tenet.  On our watch the vulnerable members of our society will always be supported and never be exploited.


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