Raging Bull Rant: How A Bumper Sticker Can Go Real Bad Real Fast (Warning- Contains Explicit Language)


When I pulled up behind this pickup truck I just had to get a picture of these signs taped to the back panel.  Had I not captured this image, I doubt that people would have believed me when I reported the insanity I had witnessed first hand.  Whoever this guy driving this truck is, he was so committed to spreading his message of abject ignorance, misplaced judgment and moonshine racism that he actually printed off his hate-speech on 8 and a half by 11 inch paper, laminated it, and mounted it to his truck panel with industrial strength tape.  And one sign wasn’t enough to capture his lunacy- this fool needed two.  In case you have any trouble making them out, I have blown them up for you:


So evidently this asshole can look at someone in a public place, even catching a quick glimpse  of them driving down the street, and determine that they are #1- an illegal alien #2- on welfare #3- the owner of an “expensive truck” and #4-the parent of “lots” of children.  What level of mind actually functions like that?  It could not be clearer that this is a person who’s development was arrested and detained indefinitely in an internal jail cell a long time ago- long enough for his hatred to fully metastasize.  But if you ask him, I’d bet you my check that he would vehemently deny that racism plays any part in his stupidity.

For proof that the cancer that started in this guy’s soul had indeed spread to his heart and his mind, a simple glance to the right of that photograph is all that is needed.  This sign reads “AIDS, Ebola, Obama- Thanks a lot Africa!” and is even more incredible than the first.  It is a wonder that somebody this dumb has not killed himself brushing his teeth or pumping gas.  He looked to be early middle age, so he has somehow avoided perishing in one of those crazy meth-lab explosions in all these years.

I suppose I should feel sorry for somebody this ignorant but I am fresh out of sympathy.  The high road is full of progressives right now so I’m going to just go low for a minute with this simple message to this in-bred hillbilly prick:

Fuck you and what you’re going through.  No wonder you can’t tell real news from fake news.  No wonder your ass is broke as hell and can’t figure out why.  No wonder you don’t understand that the rich jerk-off you voted for doesn’t give a flying fuck about you.  No wonder you are so desperate to blame somebody else for the shitty life you are living. No wonder you are out here working in MY NEIGHBORHOOD where your ass obviously can’t afford to live.  You’d be well advised to keep your ignorant ass back up in the woods where you came from before some illegal alien and African immigrant drags you out of that raggedy pickup truck and gives you the thorough ass whipping you so richly deserve.  You got away from me on the street that day- you may not be so lucky next time.

As you can tell, I’m fed up with the lowlifes that have come out of hiding since Trump took over the Republican Party.  Disagreements in politics are cool with me, but bullshit like this can only be dealt with a certain way.  If I tried to reason with this asshole, then I would be the fool.  Talking to people like this is like talking to a dog:  clearly they don’t understand complex language or concepts but they get tone and tenor very well.  That’s why they vote for candidates that sound completely stupid to the rest of us.  All they are listening for is the energy and the temperament.  So I will communicate with them that way to make sure they get the message.  STAY AWAY FROM ME AND MINE OR BE DEALT WITH.  And never ever forget that I am better than you, if for no other reason than I am too smart to go around with incendiary messages taped to my car for all the world to see.  It sucks to be you, whoever you are.

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