Having the Courage to Do and BE!

My role with Progressive Pugilists was very clear from the start. I was to develop a platform, a medium that would allow our visionary to share his progressive perspectives for American political and cultural advancement. I accepted that charge in December. We launched on January 8th and I have been very busy and committed to providing the support that is necessary for this project to flourish. Along with D.V.H., I live and breathe TPP. He writes and I do the rest. Happy, Happy, Happy!

Well, almost. He had more in mind…

When D.V.H. asked me to be a contributing writer I was reluctant to say the least. My plate is full. I am content with what I do. I am happy doing what I do. I do not want to. As this conversation went on with myself, I started to address my own questions and hesitancy? Why don’t you want to do this? You are a writer and you have another opportunity to “say something” and you don’t want to? Bad, Dana, bad Dana!

The real nitty-gritty is this. This is a platform that takes me out of my comfort zone! Writing here, will require that I dig deeper and really bring my “A” game. D.V.H., is an extraordinary talent and he is a perfectionist when it comes to all things TPP…and in my minds view I can see him with a red pen, marking up my articles and essays with scholarly rebukes and commentary! He will demand my best as he should and I really was not interested in being “challenged” right now. Growing in this area is not on my “to do” list.

Let me be

However,  after much consideration, I have decided to pick up my pen and see where it takes me. I hope that whatever I share, will lead to thought-provoking dialogue, reflection, honesty and action. I am a big honesty girl and I am always moving in its direction whether I want to or not. Living in truth is the key to sustainable happiness and joy and the closer we get to it, the freer we become.  I know that as I find and develop my voice here, I will be fulfilling another purpose while supporting the work of a man who I admire.

As I jump into this new endeavor I ask “what are you jumping for” today? What are you doing or going to do that stretches you beyond your comfort zone and takes you out of your secure place? Possibly a dead place? You will never learn to fly if you do not jump and you will never jump if you’re afraid and if you give a damn about what anyone thinks about it, you may as well just dig your own grave and climb down into it and die now. Most people with something to say about what you are doing aren’t doing a damn thing so why pay any attention to them?

Kick fears ass with the courage to do what you have always wanted to do and be who you need to be. Your life will thank you with bounties of blessings that are only produced when you are where you are supposed to be, doing what you are supposed to do at the time you are supposed to be doing it. Seize your moment….while it can be seized!

Until next time,

Dana Lena’

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