Milo and The Minions (Warning: Contains Explicit Language)

There is a good chance that you have better taste than me and you don’t spend nearly every waking hour of your free time watching political news-talk programs.  Good for you.  But that means that I get to bring you up on the ridiculousness that breaks out sometimes in the bizarre world of political media. That’s even better for me.  The charming face pictured up top belongs to Milo Yiannopoulos,  a self-identified “elitist British fag” and a “dangerous faggot.”  Clearly, Milo is everything that we have learned conservative Americans are trained to hate- except that he has decided to make his living being as flagrantly offensive and over-the-top as he can possibly be in insulting all the other people that conservatives also are wired to hate: blacks, jews, immigrants, women, Muslims, feminists, and yes, even homosexuals.  At the top of the week, Milo stepped down from his lofty perch with Brietbart News which is the internet news outlet responsible for giving us the Birther Conspiracy Theory and every other repugnantly racist and foul excuse for political journalism we heard of during the Obama years.

To put it into context for you, Milo is such a walking hemorrhoid that he actually was banned by Twitter for initiating and sustaining a merciless cyber-bullying campaign against Saturday Night Live comedian and actress Leslie Jones.  For Twitter to take that unprecedented step let’s you know just what a rancid spirit Milo breathes into things.  I will not reprint any of the foulness here but just know that the racial taunts and taunts about her appearance were sub-human.  But he was beloved by your Conservative friends and neighbors for it.  They claim it was about free speech but we know why.  Because if we haven’t learned anything else from the election of Donald Trump, we have learned that the true organizing principle of conservatism and G.O.P. politics is to act like an asshole.  And if you can make money acting like an asshole then even better.  Rush Limbaugh is the Grand Puba of that hustle.

In the current media environment, if you use your platform to upset, offend and hurt people that are different than yourself conservatives will make you a star in short order- even if you are a flaming gay Brit who brags about the black flesh you take into your mouth every night- just as long as you keep the toxic bile spewing from that mouth  during the day.  And isn’t that just the irony of ironies that this dude has a black Muslim boyfriend?  Who cares that the Ringling Brother’s Circus has gone out of business- we have the Conservative shit-show to watch every year called CPAC.   CPAC (the Conservative Political Action Conference) is the biggest media event in conservative politics every year and the biggest stars in that galaxy shine the brightest.  Our boy Milo was tapped as a featured speaker this year which was a huge deal.  But shortly after it was announced, a video emerged of Milo commenting on sexual relationships between grown men and 13 year old boys- and he was expressing support and understanding for those encounters.  Que the outrage machine.  And just as suddenly as he burst onto the scene, Milo is gone:  CPAC invitation withdrawn, Breitbart News gig gone, and multi-million dollar book deal with Simon and Schuster cancelled.  Just like that.  Everybody who was lined up at the trough to sop up the slop that this creep could secrete has just disappeared from his world.


Let’s be clear, I don’t feel any sympathy whatsoever for Milo.  Fuck him.  He got what he deserved.  But let’s keep our eye on the ball here.  People need to be held strictly accountable for who they identify as standard bearers and who’s star they are willing to hitch their wagon to- because that is a true reflection of who they are.  These people are the Minions from our title.  Like the cute little hapless creatures in the movie wandering and meandering through life looking for some light a bit brighter than their own to latch on to, so are the organizers of CPAC and so are the G.O.P. champions of Milo’s so-called cause.  These entities love the cheap and quick high of the energy that hate-speech can give but they always want to run away from the crash that follows.  That’s why Trump and his acolytes are trying to posture like they are some kind of freedom fighters now on the racial front after spooning with ne0-nazis and other white supremacists all through the campaign.

So call all of their asses out wherever you see it.  And when your co-worker who loves Trump as something to say today, just ask them why he has a neo-Nazi sympathizer as his chief advisor.  They won’t have an intelligent answer- probably some bullshit about “fake news”- but it really doesn’t matter.  What matters is that there will be more Milos coming down the pike- and there always will be.  And we need to tether them to people who want to harness that evil energy on one hand yet be respected and taken seriously on the other.  We can never let that happen.

∞ Thanks again for checking in-  Do your thing today and I’ll see you tomorrow  π


D.V.H., Esq.





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  1. And they will tell you that THEY are the protectors of what is right and virtuous in America with a straight face. It is difficult at times to maintain composure listening to them but we have to be cool and composed if we want to win. We just saw the best example ever of that dynamic in #44, did we not?


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