Night Cap with Dana Lena’: Rock Your You!

Being good to ourselves require that we know ourselves. Knowing ourselves requires spending time with ourselves and liking what we see in the mirror regardless of what bumps, thumps and dimples stare back. Embracing all of our imperfections foster a confidence that allows us to walk around the rooms of our mind and our home….naked.

When we able to stand confidently naked before ourselves we are able to stand clothed in front of anyone. Confidence really does come from within it cannot be given or taken away. When we know ourselves, we know our value and our worth and that will beckon to our beings who and what we need.

As long as we are unsure, we will get “unsure” but as soon as we “know” the God of the Universe will release in the atmosphere what are soul needs and what our spirit yearns for….and all of it is right there…inside of us.

When we “know” what we need to know and our being who we are, We will be able to stand in our own sun and bask in its sunset.








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