Thank you! You Guys are Awesome

Wow, guys this last week has been amazing! Mid week we sent out a thank you because on that day, we had the HIGHEST number of views. Well, at the close of this week, we had the HIGHEST NUMBER OF VIEWS AND VIEWERS!

We take that to mean you are digging what we are sharing and we want you to know we are digging you. We would like to honor you and the time you spend with us so we will be raffling off random acts of thank you’s. It’s one thing to thank someone with your lips, its another thing to thank someone with your heart, which is an ACTION of thank you.

The Morning Quickie and The Night Cap with Dana Lena garner some of the highest views therefore select Morning Quickie Readers will receive a TPP Coffee Mug and an exquisite bag of java (Morning Quickie and Coffee…get it?) and a select Night Cap reader will get a bottle of wine and glass set. But in order to enter you into the drawing, we need you to follow us with your email. We promise we won’t sell it to any third party or pester you. We are not into pestering people :).

Thank you again for hanging out with us and we appreciate the texts, emails and comments you send us. Your views and your voice matter and you are always welcomed to share them here.

D.V.H. Esquire and Dana Lena’

The Progressive Pugilists Team

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