Night Cap with Dana Lena: Rock Your Naked, Part 2

Rock Your Naked really resonated and I am happy that it did. It is one of our most viewed pieces and I would like to delve into this subject a little more. I mentioned a few things that I want to us to really dig into.

Your Body is Your Temple. It absolutely is.  Webster defines temple as a building for religious practice, a place devoted to a special purpose. God defines temple as your body. Our body is the sacred space He inhabits. Our body is what is devoted for special purpose. Woman was created first for the pleasure of her Creator and to fulfill what it is she was created for (HER PURPOSE) and for the pleasure of her man. Ladies, please do not stone me. Don’t shoot the messenger. A fully formed woman knows that she has to do what is best for herself  first. She has to develop her mind as her body develops. As the juices in the juice box stirs, she has to stir her soul. She has to figure out who she is before she can be anything to anyone else. Once she has that figured out, she is in a position to evaluate the men that appear before her. She is highly selective and often sleeps alone because she is not going to have just anyone in her bed, because anyone just won’t do. She connects and aligns herself with the one she is suited for because she is not looking for a rescue. She IS the rescue. With her, he is not going to just fly, he is going to soar.

Make him say your name. A woman that rocks her naked is not only comfortable in her own skin, her beloved is comfortable in her skin. A woman in concert with her own breath leaves him gasping for his all the time. He finds pleasure in every sweet place he discovers because she is dripping with sweetness. He is challenged by her mind, encouraged by her words, stimulated by the cheer dance she delivers throughout his day. He knows that this woman has his back and his best interest at heart. This woman will have the courage to tell him what he needs to hear- especially when he does not want to hear it.

Our bodies are not evil. Any woman that grew up in church has heard this. Every time a man is recorded as “falling” in the bible, some negro without the ability to evaluate and discern holy text, blames a woman. Hell, most of them can hardly read English and surely do not have the ability to extract the Hebrew and Greek meaning from the text. According to them, Adam fell because of Eve. David fell because of Bathsheba. Samson fell because of Delilah. Abraham messed up listening to Sarah and the woman bashing just goes on and on. God loves the woman He created;  Man?  Not so much. We also have to wrestle with the lie that our bodies are just too hot to handle. Hide, hide and hide it all. No, no and no. We are not evil. We are created in the Masters image. Our bodies are not to be hid under sheets. Our bodies rock nations. Our beauty is to be adored and appreciated and in our homes with our Adam, it should be on display. His eyes should be fed and nourished by the delight that we are.  We are God’s walking art work.  Picasso paintings don’t have a thing on a woman rocking her naked the right way!

Bootylicious regardless the size of the booty. Rocking our naked means that we are comfortable with the assets we have. Confidence is mesmerizing. Confidence is sexy. Bra size….not. Thong size…not. Leg length…not. Real intimacy (not that foulness they depict in porn flicks) starts in the mind. True intimacy evolves in the hand holding, the sweet kisses, the back rubbing.  Authentic intimacy begins when you lock eyes and see what is inside him. The “turn out” begins long before we take off our clothes. That is another mind screw. A woman that walks in her girl magic has him at “hello.”Before I go on, let me go back to the porn. The sex that is created in the lab. The lab of lights, camera and the fake action of oohs, awws and orgasms. Well, the women are faking of course but the dude in the center of the action gets his. And so do all the other men that tune it at the expense of Ms. Oh and Awe and some way that trickles down to the rest of us.

All of what we need we already have. Inside of us. Waiting to be tapped. Waiting for us to pay attention. Woman, where are you? Where are you in you?  We are what we need. We are what he needs. We have to be ourselves first before we can be anything at all.

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