Did you know D.V.H. Esquire has a website? Great Stuff there!

The Progressive Pugilists message is expanding. What started out as the brainchild of D.V.H. Esquire, our awesome visionary is evolving. Because he indeed is a progressive pugilist (which means fighter), he wanted to get our gears in motion and ignite a fire in us to become involved in political dialogue, exchange and action and he is doing just that.

One of his goals is to help lead and support the efforts of others in turning Georgia  BLUE one heart at a time. We resist Donald and all that he stands for and we will not sit quietly while our great Nation becomes a toilet. Nope, nada, not happening. As D.V.H. began stroking our political mind, the heart started to get some attention and now we are featuring expanded content, drawing on the great minds of international teachers and sharing the lessons they have learned as well as our own.

This is turning out to be something pretty special.

Our website will feature inspirational videos that speak to our hearts and political videos that speak to our mind. We will also be featuring cultural content and celebrating all the good in Pop Culture and a lot more.

Check out and stay tuned!



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