Morning Quickie- Wise Words From The Great Woody Allen

When Woody Allen was 17 years old, he sold his first joke to a newspaper columnist in New York City.  That was in 1952.  It is 2017 and Woody is STILL selling jokes- only now they are in his award winning films.  Clearly he knew who and what he wanted to be from a very early age and that is an enormous advantage.  Plus the man is an amazing storyteller.  But when asked about what accounted for his success, he pointed to something even simpler than that.  He said this:

80% of succeeding in life is showing up.  You’d be amazed at how much you win just because you showed up and other people didn’t.

That advice isn’t necessarily sexy but it has teeth.  Woody Allen was making more money than both of his parents combined before he got out of high school and is still doing what he wants to do up to this very day.  He is 81 years old.  It might be wise to heed his advice and show up for your life today- and succeed.

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