Another Bullshit Lesson From “The Godfather”(Contains Adult Language)

Last week I shared with you my enduring frustration with hearing people quoting stupid sayings from “The Godfather” like they are New Testament gospels .  That “It’s not personal, its only business” nonsense was my first target.  But here is another one that is just as dumb and just as popular.  The entire concept of “Keep your friends close, but your enemies closer” is beyond stupid- it is also dangerous in just about any context you can imagine.  I get it:  Al Pacino seemed really cool, composed and in control when he spun that line but seriously, try to imagine a context in which that makes any sense whatsoever.  Yet, there are men right now from insurance company executives to guys in the barbershop to street corner urchins who seem to go out of their way to find a context to fit this quote into.  I am sure they think it makes them a deep thinker- a calculating and cerebral operator.  Truth is, it just shows that they watch too much TV and can’t come up with any truly profound insights of their own.  Even worse, they are willing to commit to conniving and scheming in their dealings with just about everybody.  That is somebody you probably don’t want to know.  Maybe I am still an idealist but I think most guys are just better than that- even now with all the bullshit going on in the world.

Even if your brain is on the blink, your emotional intelligence should tell you that by the time you identify somebody as your “enemy” you would be wise to keep them out of your space at pretty much any cost.  Intentionally bringing them close to you is a recipe for disaster, whether you are in business legally or illegally.  (And if you are in business illegally, get your stupid ass off my blog ASA-fuckng-P.  This is not for you, cuz.)  And if we are in a personal context the necessity to keep enemies at a distance is even greater.  Enemies can do a great deal of damage if you are dumb enough to let them into your space, regardless of what Michael Corleone says.  Anybody who has had the experience of being betrayed by a friend or family member knows that feeling of anger and disappointment quite well.  You are pissed off at them but more pissed off at yourself for not figuring out sooner that this was NOT a person that needed to be close enough to you to hurt you or your affairs.  And your reflexes scream loud and long for you not to make that mistake again.  Most of us have been there and for those of you that haven’t, just wait a while.  If you are living aggressively enough you will.  And when you get there, tell me that you believe in keeping an enemy close to you.  I suspect that you will reach the same conclusion that I did:  that is complete and utter bullshit.

∞ Thanks again for checking in-  Do your thing today and I’ll see you tomorrow  π


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