Stacey Got Played (Warning: Contains Explicit Language)

Stacey Dash has never been a big star but she was big enough to live off of her work.  She’s been black famous for a very long time.  Black famous is not like white famous– which is far superior.  It is not a judgment on merit, its just a numbers game and a matter of volume.  A person can be black famous for years and years and be almost anonymous in mainstream entertainment.  Stacey is a prime example of that.  There are many others but we’ll just focus on Ms. Dash in this discussion.  And despite her role in the cult-classic Clueless and its long running franchise, Stacey Dash was pretty much stuck in the black famous lane in perpetuity.  It’s not like it’s a bad place to be.   But when you are a 40-something year old actress best known for your work playing a high school girl (until you are in your mid-30’s no less) it might stress you out a little bit if you are the ambitious sort (and what actress isn’t?). I mean, you are close enough to see white famous and all of its benefits well enough to covet it with all your might.  So much so that you might be willing to do anything to jump across that velvet rope and leave BET productions behind forever.

So imagine Stacey’s glee when someone at the Fox News Network stumbled across her profile and wanted to hire her as a political commentator when they discovered that she was willing to go on their airwaves and say all variety of foul and insulting shit about Barack Obama. I am sure that when Roger Aisles got a look at her and heard what she was willing to do, he probably creamed his tighty-whiteys right there on the spot.  I mean we are talking pre-premature ejaculation here.  Considering the assets Stacey still maintained so well and the lecherous racist environment at Fox News, she must have figured  JACKPOT!!  I have arrived!!  While so many other women might actually have to get on their knees and perform off camera before they can ever take a position performing on camera, she knew that these geriatric predatory wolves have probably always wanted a taste of her.  They’ve wanted it for so long that they probably couldn’t last ten seconds in her hands so she could enjoy the life of a pampered show horse rather than a work horse like the rest of the bimbo patrol.  Leggy frosted blondes crawling around at Fox News are a dime a dozen but a certified ebony stunner is a rare and exotic treat indeed.  Or so Stacey must have thought. All of the white folks who hate Barack Obama are going to LOVE me, she assumed.  I’m going to be the next Barbara Walters, I mean look at what they did for Meghan Kelly, she must have thought.

But a funny thing happened after the election of 2016.  With the victory of Fox’s candidate of choice and the Obama Administration winding to a close, the country club Republicans that run Fox News and the redneck hayseeds that watch the network faithfully no longer had a need for Stacey to take center stage in her thong and stilettos to regurgitate their conspiracy theories and insults about Barack Obama.  They had all blown their loads and they were done with her.  So they fired her stupid ass and kicked it out the door without even giving her a towel to wipe it off first.  She was played just like a silly girl in the club who gives it up to some seedy guy in the bathroom because he’s a “producer” and promises he can make her a star. She was just that dumb.  Now she has nothing but the stigma of her media whoring left for her performance.  Word on the street is she was the lowest paid commentator in the joint which would make perfect sense because the fact is the whole world could see she never knew what the fuck she was talking about.  She is now a punch line and she deserves to be.  I don’t do slut shaming but I’ll do political whore shaming every day of the week and twice on Sundays if people would read it.

It is a shame that Stacey has no self-awareness because that means she is probably incapable of feeling shame for the way that she let these white men use her in a ridiculous attempt to smear the most dignified and professional man to occupy the White House in our lifetime.  But the joke was on them because in the end all it did was made them look like the desperate and pathetic jackals that they are.  Getting some dingbat to whore herself out is not that difficult and the Fox News Network has all the money it needs to buy the submission of an empty chamber like Stacey Dash.  Whatever they paid her they paid too much because I believe she would have done it for free- just as long as they let her get on television and take another shot at being white famous.  And the joke was on her, too.  Because after a lifetime of hustling for that spotlight, the little bit that she got during this episode exposed her to be an absolute embarrassment to black women in America.  And that is a group that can be incredibly forgiving.  Not this time, though.  This chick is done.  A fifty year old woman who can still look like that should be the ultimate player but that takes brains and Stacey has none.  So when everything is said and done and there is nothing left to say or do, we are left with the obvious and simple fact that Stacey got played.

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