Morning Quickie- Remember The Good Times

I know our quickies are geared more toward our inspirational energy than our political imperatives.  But bear with me this morning.  There will be rare occasions where those entities converge.  Today is such an occasion.

Look at these people in this picture and remember just how good we can be as a nation, as a culture and as a people when we are at our best. 

Michelle and George could hardly be more different in political and cultural persuasion, but here they are: genuinely embracing each other in a celebratory moment.  After all of the ups and downs they have been through in service to the nation they both love, in this moment they look as joyful and innocent together as kids in their first grade class playing at recess.

That may be a little sweet for your taste, but our nation is in a very rough spot today.  We need to remember our recent good times and aspire to capture that spirit of love and inclusion once more.  We have been there before and we can make it back.  It starts with one person at a time.  Like Barack used to say, be the change you want to see in the world.

∞ Thanks again for checking in-  Do your thing today and I’ll see you tomorrow  π


D.V.H., Esq.

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