Progressives On Steroids! (Warning: Contains Explicit Language)

There is a reason why men like me call ourselves progressives rather than liberals.  Words don’t just have meaning, they carry an energy.  And that energy also drives an imagery that leaves an indelible impression on people.  Over the years the word “liberal” has come to project a very weak energy- something that men like me simply cannot tolerate.  Let me quickly define what I mean by “men like me”:  Men who believe in servant leadership;  men who believe that you judge a society by the quality of life of the people at the bottom of the societal structure than by those who occupy the top;  men who believe that injustice anywhere in our country is a threat to justice everywhere in our country;  men who believe that regardless of how we got here, we are all Americans and are in this together.  If that is not a clear enough picture, try this:   Barack Obama is our ultimate champion of progressivism both in words and deeds; and we all firmly believe that Donald Trump could have benefited from a thorough ass kicking a few times a year beginning at age 15 and continuing until he learned what it means to be a man of character and accountability.

Men like us will not be saddled with the limp energy of the “liberal”label.  The comical counterpoint is that the energy behind the word “conservative” is so strong that men who are absolute marshmallows describe themselves in unmistakably masculine, rugged and even threatening terms just because they identify themselves as conservative.  I once heard Newt Gingrich describe himself as “a grizzly bear” on a television show and I laughed so hard I spilled beer on my couch.  Rush Limbaugh routinely casts himself as a “big bad wolf” type character and relishes his hyperbolic tale that he is deemed insensitive by liberal pussies in the left wing media.  Have you really looked at these guys?  I’ll take odds from the shadiest bookie in Detroit that both of these guys have a bigger cup size than Katy Perry and neither of them have been able to see his dick under his bloated belly since Bush 41 was in the White House.  To call these loud-mouthed capons fake tough guys is an insult to fake tough guys everywhere.

And the same goes for Chris Christie who is so morbidly obese that if he were stripped naked in front of a panel of doctors with a bag over his head they wouldn’t know if it was a man or a woman.  For all of his tough talk fueled by the mythology of conservatism, Christie wouldn’t last a single round in a fight with the average 9th grade pug from Newark.  And bet your bottom dollar that he knows it.  That is why he is always selling the image so hard.

But that is their problem and this piece is about our problems and how to solve them so we can start winning elections again and restoring sanity to our politics. Progressives need a massive testosterone infusion to change the image of our policies, positions and our parties.  Alan Grayson was abandoned by his Democratic colleagues for his predilection for colorful language and combative presentation.  They should have been rallying to his side, repeating what he was saying in their own way.  For some dumb reason, Democrats pretend like they think Michael Moore is a crackpot along the lines of John Burke Society conservatives while they know full well that he has yet to misdiagnose a political issue along ideological lines yet.  All of his documentaries are must-see viewing for any Democratic official that is worth a damn.  And yes, I know Anthony Weiner proved to be something of a degenerate but he had tremendous value in his skill and will when it came to attacking conservative hypocrisy and stupidity.  He was peerless on capital hill in that regard.  They should have tried to rehab and re-purpose this guy-taking away all of his electronics first, of course. Rahm Emmanuel has certainly had his problems as Mayor of Chicago but the man struck fear in the hearts of conservatives when he was Chief of Staff for President Obama. Why?  Because he routinely punched punk assed Republicans in the face (euphemistically) for stepping toward him or his boss the wrong way.

While these men have been marginalized, we are left with Democrats who are pondering whether they should confirm Trump’s Supreme Court nominee.  Seriously, guys?  This is even a question?  Evidently, they don’t understand that the first rule to fighting is that you hit your opponent as hard as you can as often as you can until you either win or collapse from exhaustion.  And sometimes you are going to lose a fight, but that does not mean that you don’t fight like hell just the same.  You get your point across and come back for the next fight even more determined.  You don’t try to reason with somebody who has made it clear that they have no interest in reasoning with you.  You must accept that you are going to take hard shots sometimes rather than always trying to calculate how to talk your way out of them.

Brace yourself for this graphic and brutal analogy to really drive this point home:  A young man goes into a state penitentiary.  From the beginning he sees that he is targeted for attack.  He knows what is coming and steels himself for the fight and prepares for the worst.  When the inevitable attack comes, he puts up a ferocious fight- breaking noses, knocking out teeth, and blackening the eyes of his assailants before succumbing to the overwhelming force of the attack.  By the time they gain control over him, his is barely even conscious and recovers from his attack in the infirmary for months before returning to the general population where everybody knows that attacking him could very well mean losing an eye or having an ear bitten off.  So he does the rest of his time in relative peace. His attackers move on to easier prey and others know what they are likely to encounter if they try him.

Meanwhile, another young man goes into the same penitentiary on the same day and faces the same daunting reality.  Only he decides to negotiate his way through the crisis.  He’s afraid that he’ll get hurt if he fights the attackers plotting on him.  So he agrees to comply hoping he won’t be harmed any more than is necessary for them to get what they want.  As a result, he finds himself in full sexual servitude every single day for every year of his sentence.

It is impossible to miss the point here.  If you don’t have the nuts and guts to fight like hell when challenged- even when facing the bleakest of circumstances- your fate will always be worse than it would have been had you chosen to die on your feet rather than live on your knees.  Liberals in the past have been willing to negotiate and capitulate for conservatives benefit, but today’s progressives are about kicking their asses and running them back to the hills of Armpit, Kentucky and Asscrack, Tennessee.

So if anybody still questions whether the Democrats should make the Republicans “go nuclear”to get their Supreme Court nominee confirmed, they should think about the choices made by the two young men in our story.  You win by fighting to your very last ounce of strength- regardless of the immediate outcome.  Progressives need to commit to that strategy and lambaste liberals in our ranks who choose life on their knees.

2 thoughts on “Progressives On Steroids! (Warning: Contains Explicit Language)

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    1. That is an answer for progressive women to provide. From where I sit, they are not the problem. If men will be men, then the momentum of change will build on what is already in place. Maxine Waters in the House and Elizabeth Warren, Claire McCaskill and Amy Klobuchar in the Senate can’t be any stronger from the progressive side. Who are the men that are their equals in the House and the Senate? Are we really hanging all of our testosterone presence on Bernie? A 74 year old man who for some inexplicable reason decided to honeymoon in the Soviet Union back in the 80’s? I think not. So thank you for your question, dlp. But y’all just ain’t the problem. But make no mistake about it, you absolutely will be a part of the solution once we get that PTI going. Thank you for your feedback.


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