All You Need To Know About the Healthcare Debate In A Single Shot

I cannot ignore this issue any longer on this blog and still consider myself an aware and engaged citizen.  The issue of health insurance reform that is dominating congress and the news right now may not be sexy but it has teeth: big, sharp, scary ones.  The healthcare debate can sound complicated as hell if you listen to the news talk shows covering Capitol Hill.  That is largely because so much of what you will hear from about half of those talking is absolute trickeration and utter foolishness that is designed to sound complicated and confusing. The ultimate goal for Republicans is that most people will just tune out and return to their normal political blocks and voting patterns.  The fact is Republicans and their media outlets have been lying about this issue for so long that they have started to believe the lies. And that is a bad thing because that is how we ended up with this practical joke as our president.  But I am going to give it to you short and sweet which is not normally my preferred style but most of us don’t want to read about this  for too long.   If I get into the weeds, you will start to fade out pretty quickly.  But if you know these three basic points you will be better informed than anybody you know who gets their information from Fox News.

Pre-existing Conditions:  Under the Affordable Care Act no person could be turned down for a health insurance policy by any carrier no matter their health status and past medical history.  That provision will soon be history and people with chronic diseases such as diabetes or lupus will have to find a way to live their lives without medical insurance coverage.  This will drastically diminish the quality of life for anyone who has ever been sick in the past.

Lifetime Caps: Under the Affordable Care Act (Obamacare) lifetime medical expense caps were outlawed.  Before Obamacare, insurance companies could just dump a customer who started costing them too much money.  So if someone got a chronic or fatal disease that would require expensive ongoing treatment the health insurance company would just cut them off once they reached a certain dollar amount of expenses.  So as a practical matter, if you had a very serious medical crisis before Obamacare, you were fucked from a financial standpoint.  Your life would be destroyed because you would be unable to pay for the treatment that you would need to survive.  Right now, Trump and his minions are trying to bring back lifetime caps.

Preventative Care:  Under the Affordable Care Act all preventative care is free- to every body.  That means that if a person had the presence of mind to be pro-active in trying to manage their health, they were entitled to preventative care- which would keep them healthy and relieve a ton of financial strain on the system.  This includes a great deal of the birth control that many women use to prevent unwanted pregnancy.  This provision will be eliminated, too and the impact of this loss will be hard to add up, but it will be devastating.

And there you have it in a nutshell.  There is a ton more, or course but these are the highlights.  If you just keep in mind that Barack Obama tried to build a plan that maximized care for citizens and Donald Trump is trying to build a plan that maximizes profit for insurance carriers you can handle any argument that comes your way.

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