Quickie & Coffee- Judge Judy For President!

With Donald Trump as our president for at least the next few years there is a chance that one of these days I am going to see what that pretty HD screen on my wall looks like when it explodes because I’ve thrown a beer bottle into it. But when that urge hits, I chill out and revisit my fantasy:  What if America got its shit together and hired ANOTHER New York City billionaire reality TV show host?



How cool would THAT be?! Think about how many problems could be solved in an instant simply because of that famous, no-nonsense glare over those old-lady librarian glasses. I will confess to you what most men won’t: That little 98 pound septuagenarian is intimidating as hell. I am a pretty big dude with a pretty big brain, but there is something about her that would make me reluctant to tangle with her. And while Vladimir Putin has somehow figured out how to make our overgrown 9 year old president into his personal gimp, He doesn’t want it with Judith Sheindlin.

And I think she’d get elected by a large margin. Literally EVERY woman that I know absolutely LOVES Judge Judy. And her appeal is real.  All of her faithful viewers say the same thing: “Judge Judy is my girl! She don’t play!”  Well, we might not be able to get her as our Commander In Chief, but just imagine if all of the women who dig her show because “she don’t play” actually emulated her in their own affairs.  So much nonsense would cease in an instant- and we damned sure would never have had half the women in our country voting for a guy who was caught on camera bragging about grabbing them by the pussy.

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