Mid Day with Dana Lena’: Guard Your Heart

Too many of us talk too damn much. Share too damned much. Expose too damn much. Everyone is not in favor of your happy. Everyone is not in favor of your success and very few people actually want to see you happier than they are.

Some people will even try to convince you to live in their brand of misery because they are hell bent on being miserable. These are the people that want what they want for you above what you want for you and only YOU get to determine what you want for you.

This post was inspired by a conversation I was having with my elder sister this morning. She said “babysis, I have learned to never let my left hand know what my right hand is doing”. Meaning, guard your heart and the contents thereof. Whenever someone is asking for details about something that has NOTHING to do with them, you can bet your check as D.V.H. always says, that information will either be used against you or used to sabatoge you.

Guard your now. Guard your plans. Guard your joy and guard your happy. Share only with those who are in harmony with your music. Share only with those who are dancing with you and who are celebrating with you and do not bend your ear to adversarial energy.

Either someone is for you or against you. It really is that simple…so govern yourself accordingly.

2 thoughts on “Mid Day with Dana Lena’: Guard Your Heart

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  1. STRONG ADVICE! The temptation to engage in gratuitous disclosure can be powerful at times but it must be met with temperance and patience. Your perspective is keenly in tune with the lives and relationships that most everybody in the world knows well. VERY well done, ma’am. And thank you for the hat tip : )


    1. Tipped hat always. Yes, we just need to zip it and keep folks on a need to know and when we do that it becomes evident that they don’t really need to know! LOL


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