Quickie & Coffee- Life Is A Contact Sport: So Hit It HARD

When you go out into the world today I can assure you of one thing:  if you are doing anything worthwhile you are going to get hit.  If I could tell you where its coming from or when its coming I would.  But since you have been playing the game of your life for a long time you know better than anybody where its coming from so you should be good and ready for it.  But take a good look at the graphic shot above and think about your approach:

At The Point Of Contact, You Have A Decision To Make: You Can Be The Hammer Or You Can Be The Nail; The Choice Is Yours

Another way of putting it is to say that when life is heading your way to hit you, drop your shoulder, run straight at it as fast as you can and knock it flat on its ass- like this guy in the picture who was way too old to be hitting this hard in this situation.  But nobody told him so he decided to be the hammer.  Here’s hoping you’ll make the same choice.

∞ Thanks again for checking in-  Do your thing today and I’ll see you tomorrow  π


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