Sean Spicer Needs A Thorough Ass-Kicking & I Am Volunteering For The Job

This will not be an intellectually rigorous piece.  Rather, this is one where I  am just going to let the emotional demons run amok and let the chips fall.  Yesterday, Sean Spicer, the most embarrassingly inept White House Press Secretary that we have had in my lifetime, became frustrated in an exchange with White House Correspondent April Ryan and admonished her from the podium to “Stop shaking your head.”  Ms. Ryan was shaking her head at the answers he was giving as he continued to spin and twist and turn himself into a fat soft human pretzel justifying more shenanigans and obfuscation out of the Trump White House.  April Ryan is a highly experienced and well respected reporter and writer and she is also a black woman.  And we all know what Sean Spicer is.

Let me be clear:  Sean Spicer’s response was dripping with condescension and soaked with the putrid bile of white male privilege.  To tell another grown person in a public setting what to do or not do with their bodies is the height of disrespect.  It truly does not get any worse than that and this idiot is clearly blind to the realities of those optics.  Because of his little outburst of frustration on yesterday, he will need to walk through the rest of his life under heavy security.  Just like the circus clown he works for, Sean Spicer needed his ass kicked about 30 years ago but evidently was shielded from it.  He might have a much better grasp on the consequences of speech or on the reality of pain that would have curbed his disgusting sense of entitlement.

Well he missed his ass-kicking years ago but its not too late.  So if anybody out there can get a message to Sean, let him know that The Progressive Pugilist is out here to help him with that ass-whipping and that if I can get close enough to him, he’s going to get it.  I understand that the secret service and private security will eventually get the better of me, no matter how dominating I may be- but that is quite alright.  I am willing to let the chips fall because by the time they get me off of this smarmy, dickless Pillsbury Dough Boy the whole world will have had the chance to hear him screaming for help and see him for what he really is.  Of course, he is not the only pussy in a pinstriped suit parading and preening around Washington D.C.- the place is lousy with them.  But he is the one who was stupid enough, and full of himself enough, and insulated enough to talk that shit to a black woman in front of the whole world.

That bullshit has to stop right where it is and with all due respect to Dr. King, nothing quite delivers the message like an overhand right that lands clean and shatters an eye-socket.  I suspect that may be the only way to really get through to a guy like Sean Spicer.  And just maybe after witnessing his complete annihilation and humiliation, others like him might take self-corrective action and conduct themselves with the proper decorum and respect in the public square.  We know what the hell you are about in private and we don’t give a damn- just act like you have some sense when you step out from under your rock and out here into the light.  This boy has gotten away with this bullshit long enough and now a man needs to make it as clear as day that it’s not going unanswered anymore.  So I hope this message finds its way to Sean because I AM that man and I’m sitting on ready.  It will be my honor and privilege to kick his ass for the benefit of the nation and the world.  Anytime, Anyplace.

∞ Thanks for checking in.  Do your thing today and I’ll see you tomorrow  π

2 thoughts on “Sean Spicer Needs A Thorough Ass-Kicking & I Am Volunteering For The Job

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  1. I do not know what breed of black woman this is that would allow him to tell her to stop shaking her head…maybe she is the professional of all professionals. Because that should have been the day she took her shoe to his ass and losing her press pass would have been worth the foot in his ass. Thank you for willing to come to the rescue Sir, but most of us know how to handle pricks with mind-parts this small. The day any negro (beside my man) in any environment tell me what to do is the day he got himself a s i t u a t i o n.


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