Are Black Women Falling For The Okey-Doke? (Warning: Contains Adult Language)

Everybody with a brain and at least one working eye can see that the woman pictured above is beautiful- objectively speaking.  Regardless of whatever your particular taste may be, any reluctance to confess that this woman looks good reflects something amiss in your personhood.  And it is probably your politics.  Because I am a ravenous consumer of cable news (its part of my job, after all) I see a ton of television commercials.  And as easy on the eyes as this woman is, I VERY RARELY see anyone who looks like her.

Do I see black women?  Of course.  In better numbers than I can ever recall seeing them before.  But I have noticed a heavy trend over the last several years and we are getting a lot more of the type of imagery depicted below:


I believe it is also clear that this woman possesses beauty but here comes the pain:  Corporate America would much rather push this sister right here than the one at the top because she is not perceived as a competitive threat to anything that other women want.  And let’s deal with the elephant in the room:  it is about the hairstyle- even more than the complexion which was the most reliable weapon used to divide and conquer beautiful black women for centuries.

When black women in the entertainment world cut their hair low they are exiting the aesthetic where they are judged on the same scale as white or latina women.  It could very well look great on them but it is a different look altogether.  And it is a look that none of the other women EVER wears (and crazy assed Sinead O’Connor does not count).  Why don’t they?  Electric clippers will work just as well on their heads as on the sisters’.  But for once, they have refused to follow the style trend of black women.  That alone should make sisters deeply suspicious.  Normally, incredible effort is expended to look like you- and this time all it takes is a ten dollar pair of clippers and about 5 minutes to buzz all that hair off.  Yet they don’t follow you there.  This young lady below gives her competition pause.  Do you honestly believe that if she took out her weave and took the clippers to her scalp that there would be any concern about her pull?  Not in a world where image and asthetics matter.


And this dynamic has historical roots.  Everybody who has studied American slavery knows full well that plantation mistresses quite frequently cropped off the hair of slave girls they saw as a threat.  Their husbands were all about his late night slave quarter ravaging and a crown of locks sitting atop all that brown sugar was just too much for him to resist.  So mistress comes out with the razor, black girl goes bald headed, and massa’s little pink dick goes back down.  Problem solved- I guess.  And for all of my friends who are into the “natural” look, I hate to break it to you but there is absolutely NOTHING natural about a woman’s shaved or close cropped head.  That is every bit as artificial as any other modification actions that are commonly taken.

I have made the point before that a woman’s ability to use the power of her image to shock and awe men in the competition for the spoils of commerce is key.  This discussion really goes hand in hand with it.  There will be invitations and inducements to marginalize yourself by exiting the aesthetic that they created in the first place but don’t fall for it.  You do it better than they do- and yes, some of them do it well.  But I’ve been around enough to tell you what’s real.  Baby at the top is a threat to everything that Becky wants.  Girlfriend pictured below is not.


Don’t shoot the messenger.

I for one would like to launch a search and rescue mission for the sister pictured at the top. Find this girl before she falls for the okey doke and fucks up and chops her hair off to get more work.  And I am not referring to the sexy haircuts that women get with all those angels and flips or whatever, I’m talking about the full buzz cut.  If she wants to be at her absolute best, she needs to stay where she is at.  This country is all about competition so don’t give away your competitive advantage and benefit somebody else.  Nothing against Jennifer Anniston but if Tika Sumpter walked into any room where Jen was at, all erections would point Tika’s way like compasses pointing “North.”  I don’t care if your dick is black, white or candy striped, it wants Tika more than it wants Jen.  And it ain’t even close.  But don’t take my word for it. Just dig the dynamic in your office or next time you are out.  And watch commercials more carefully and ask yourself if the images you see reflect reality as it is or reality as tv land wants it to be.

∞ Thanks for checking in-  Do your thing today and I’ll see you tomorrow  π


D.V.H., Esq.




6 thoughts on “Are Black Women Falling For The Okey-Doke? (Warning: Contains Adult Language)

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  1. “And it is a look that none of the other women EVER wears (and crazy assed Sinead O’Connor does not count).” Very interesting. I never thought about this point. Hmmm.


    1. It’s real. No other ethnic group of women wears their hair in a way that gives them that kind of a profile. Haven’t y’all noticed that they copy EVERYTHING else about you EXCEPT the close cropped head look? GI Jane was a fictional movie and even that was an expression of a woman throwing off her female identity.


  2. Both women pictured are beautiful hair or not. It is a woman’s choice to define her own beautiful! India Arie said it best…”I am not my hair, I am not your expectaions!


    1. Thank you for your feedback, Taalibah. I certainly dig where Miss Arie is coming from. But in a context where we are in competition, everything matters. This piece is about commercialism and the manipulation of our asthetics. There is room for all types of beauty.


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