Quickie & Coffee- The Will of The Man vs. The Skill of The Man

Desire is the essence of life.  Every one of us walking this Earth has our genesis in the desire of a man.  Desire is literally the vehicle by which God delivers life into the world.  If there is no desire, no seed can be planted in nature.  And just like desire brought us to life in the very beginning, so can it continue to bring us new life at every stage of our journey.  Wanting to do something- the WILL to do it- is the single most powerful factor in determining how well you will do it or whether you will get it done at all.  The SKILL to perform the act is a secondary consideration.  Or simply stated:


You can overcome shoddy skills if your will is strong enough but it rarely works the other way around.  This young man pictured here is a high school football player.  He’s a nose-tackle and plays on special teams.  And he has no legs nor the lower half of his body.  He has been that way since birth.  But he wanted to play.  And according to his coaches and teammates, he is quite effective.  He has no legs, but he has the WILL to do it and there he is.  Be motivated by him but don’t feel sorry for him.  My guess is that he may feel sorry for a lot of us if he had a chance to examine our lives and see how little will we may have demonstrated in pursuing the goals we have identified.  But today is a new day and we can change the game: we just need the WILL.

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