FINALLY- The Democrats Are Governing With Guts! (Warning: Contains Adult Language)

It takes guts to go into a fight that you know is set up for you to lose- but you go in anyway to make your point and to lay down a marker for the future.  This Gorsuch filibuster is a big deal for Democrats.  I may actually hold off on my diabolical plot to form a network of progressive groups across my home state to support third party candidates in 2020 and beyond.  I am going to “Cliff Notes” this strategy for this discussion so that nobody who visits The Progressive Pugilist winds up breaking their nice, new, HD flatscreen with a beer bottle or wine glass listening to these lukewarm, milquetoast commentators cautioning the Democrats about how much worse things can be if they actually fight Trump and the G.O.P. on this pick.


The theory goes that if the Democrats filibuster this Supreme Court nominee in retaliation for the Republicans refusing to even hold a hearing for President Obama’s nomination of Merrick Garland in 2016 after the death of Justice Antonin Scalia, the Republicans will simply use their majority to change the Senate rules and kill the filibuster altogether.  The underlying theory is that this is a bad thing.  But it is also outdated thinking that provides comfort for those who really just don’t have the stomach for a fight where they might actually take some punishing blows.  In my experience, nobody wins a fight who is terrified of being hit, hurt or even knocked down.  By contrast, those who are convicted enough in their position that they are willing to put some skin in the game typically come out on the winning side.  And even when they don’t win, they have at least inspired the caution of their adversaries and even their grudging respect.

But there is a practical reason for taking up this fight right now and not waiting for the balance of the court to really be an issue as so many commentators have been echoing for the last week.  Trump is going to get his pick on the Supreme Court and whoever he picks is going to be as repugnant to Democrats and Progressives as Scalia was and as Gorsuch surely would be.  We already know that he ruled in favor of a trucking company that fired an employee who abandoned his disabled tuck in blizzard conditions because he was at risk of freezing to death if he stayed with the truck.  So like Billy D said, don’t let the smooth taste fool you- Gorsuch is a damned monster.  He just happens to be a monster hiding behind a professionally genteel demeanor and an “aw shucks” drawl.  In case you might miss the point on how The Progressive Pugilist feels about him, hear this:  Fuck Neil Gorsuch and the horse he rode in on- and the cavalry behind him.  Clear enough?  The Republicans MUST be drunk on Colt 45 if they think they can sell this man as an acceptable lifetime appointment to the Supreme Court.


The reason why the Democrats are right on target with this filibuster and forcing the G.O.P. to invoke the so-called “nuclear option” is that when they do, they are stuck for the next few years with the task of doing something in front of the whole world that they know they can’t do:  GOVERN THE COUNTRY.   When they invoke the nuclear option, even the most traditional pols and pundits will have to abandon the pretense that any deliberation with Democrats matters under this president and with this congress.  It does not anyway, but removing the pretense is key because elections so often seem to come up faster than the incumbents want or expect them to.

And if Democrats really want to make a big comeback they need to start campaigning right now and THIS issue is the official beginning of the 2018 midterm AND the 2020 general.  When they “go nuclear” these congressional minions and mongoloids from all across America will actually have to do their jobs: legislate, implement policy, and oversee the entire operation that is the United States Government.  And they can’t do it.  They don’t know how and they never have.  The record reflects that under Republican rule, the government has invariably performed worse than it has under Democratic rule- and that is exacerbated during those rare stretches when one party holds all three branches contemporaneously.  What they know how to do is create irrationality and emotion that they can gin up at rallies and cash in at the ballot box- a vulgar enterprise indeed.

So now these guys and gals from Armpit, Kentucky and Toejam, Tennessee will actually have to show and prove what they can do on escalating healthcare costs.  Let’s see how the big brains in Canker Sore Creek, Kansas handle the national budget considering how completely inept they were at handling theirs at home.  And let’s see how our visionary committee chairs from Hoochie-Coochie, Georgia and Asscrack, Alabama can bring back all the jobs that their fearless leader has promised to their nut-job constituents.

They can’t whine and bitch anymore about how Obama and Clinton and San Francisco Liberals like Nancy Pelosi are at fault for why they can’t do what they want or need to do to “Make America Great Again.”  The ball is truly in their court.  Watch what they do with it.  Smart money says it’s time to quote a Run D.M.C. “That punk tried to dunk but he broke his neck!”


And they will.  And when they do, the Democrats need to be poised and ready to pounce and pound them mercilessly for their failure.  THIS IS WHAT REAL PATRIOTISM REQUIRES:  Making people pay the price when they are leading the country down a rat-hole of ideologues, chicken-hawks, bottom-feeders, warmongers and thieves.  Republican Senators stole that Supreme Court seat that Neil Gorsuch is about to sit his flat ass in for the next 25 years so he had better be worth it for them. The Democrats have finally put their war paint on and a nation of Progressives is gathering behind them ready to kick some ass because payback is a bitch.  The fight is on and it is about God Damned Time.


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2 thoughts on “FINALLY- The Democrats Are Governing With Guts! (Warning: Contains Adult Language)

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  1. Well, I am standing by with my popcorn. Everything you said is the gospel truth. They cannot govern and the proof will be in the pudding. I believe at the end of the day, we will all survive but for some people they have to jump in a fire to believe its hot and it will burn the flesh off the bone. Not only do I have my popcorn, I have some salve, bandage and burn creme.


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