The Drunk Driving Presidency

Being a politically aware and civically engaged American citizen in 2017 feels similar to the experience of riding shotgun with a drunk driver.  I had the misfortune of that experience when I was a 17 year old kid and that was both terrifying and surreal.  It was terrifying because the danger was palpable.  It was surreal because I could not stop thinking to myself “this CAN’T be happening.  Doesn’t this fool know that if he crashes into that car coming the other way or runs off the road that he’s gonna die, too?! ” 


But it WAS happening.  That gray Oldsmobile 98 barreled down that steep hill at what felt like 200 miles per hour WITH LIGHTS OFF while the driver laughed wildly- partly at his own delirium and partly at my terror.  Despite the fact that my mind was running faster than a racehorse, all my body could do was seize up and clutch tightly to anything my hands could reach inside that car.

The young man driving was named Terry Minor and I didn’t know until that night that the cup he always carried with him and slyly sipped on throughout the school-day was not a small sized 7-11 Slurpee at all.  Terry was a functioning alcoholic and nursed golden grain and juice all day- but he didn’t really go wild until he got behind the wheel of a car.   When all of the power of the automobile met the testosterone surge and adrenaline rush of an 18 year old young man with clear development issues a disaster was bound to happen sooner or later.  I learned three years later that Terry died in a fiery car crash and had killed two other people in the process.  Head on collision.  Terry was a few days shy of his 21st birthday.


There is a lot of Terry Minor in Donald Trump.  Let’s be clear:  Donald Trump is a 70 year old man who is so reckless and drunk on himself that he absolutely has the predisposition to kill us all.  Because he is now the President of the United States, he has the capacity to do it- just like Terry and that Oldsmobile.  His lack of self-awareness is only trumped by his lack of awareness of the job he has and the gravity of the responsibility it carries.


Donald Trump is a frivolous and silly man who has the most serious job on the face of the earth.  We all should be deathly afraid of what can happen under this guys’ “watch.”  And by his “watch” I mean his Twitter account because that is his preferred method of communicating important information.  That’s right:  the man who is supposed to be leading the free world and holding our nation’s enemies at bay prefers to communicate on social media- in 140 characters at a time.

All the proof you need of how much danger we are in as a nation can be found in a search of the crazy people who turn out at rallies to cheer for this looney tune and chant “Lock Her Up.”  These people would have been riding with Terry Minor and screaming for him to go faster.

Audience member Robin Roy reacts as U.S. Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump greets her at a campaign rally in Lowell

And faster he will go.  He will keep sipping that golden grain and flying around corners on two wheels.  And he will keep spooning with Vladimir Putin and undermining NATO.  And he will keep issuing statements that are equal parts contradiction, delusion and confusion.  Donald Trump doesn’t even know what Donald Trump thinks on the policy issues that are pressing our body politic.  Meanwhile, mongoloids like this woman here will keep cheering his every move wildly because she’d rather perish in a fiery crash than to live and prosper under a president of a particular parentage.

So what are we to do?  Buckle up and hang on tight hoping to survive the devastating collision that is sure to come?  Jump out of the speeding car and hope that we don’t leave half of our skin burning on the asphalt while we die in agonizing pain?  Negative.  Our only hope to survive this ride is to attack this deranged driver and fight for control of the wheel.  Whatever it takes, we have to get that wheel out of his hands.  He is crazy and that is not going to change.  You cannot reason or negotiate with crazy.  You just have to beat it down until it concedes control.  So the fight for our survival is on.  We cannot get out of it so we need to accept the brutality of the fight and resolve to WIN.  And we need to remember what we are capable of when we do.  Our very lives depend on it.


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