Conspiracies Are Right Sometimes and This Might Be One of Them (Warning: Contains Adult Language)

I don’t know if this is one of those times when what sounds like a crazy conspiracy theory is dead on target, but I do know that this whole Syrian crisis is a very welcome distraction for Trump.  His presidency is in deep crisis and absolutely nothing is going according to his plan.  The Muslim ban was a debacle, the Obamacare burning at the stake got rained out,  there is still no plan in place to build that border wall and have Mexico pay for it, and there is absolute chaos inside of his administration and in his party.  No matter how you spin it, Trump is losing- Big League.

To be fair in my assessment, I have to acknowledge that presidents are always the subject of wild eyed conspiracy theories.  Especially if they are Democrats because conservative voters seem to be highly susceptible to adopting crazy rumors as the gospel truth and converting them into articles of faith for their political orthodoxy.  That is why we have a president who actually gets news from the fucking National Enquirer.  But the biggest problem for this particular president is that he lies constantly and everybody knows it.  The only person who could look you in the eye and defend Trump’s veracity is someone who is as big a liar as he is.


But he also made his debut as an overtly political figure peddling the most ridiculous conspiracy theory to ever gain traction in American politics- the “Birther” theory.  And for good measure he has also insinuated that the Bush Administration was somehow complicit in the 9/11 attacks.

Accordingly, we really cannot put anything past this man.  And we certainly cannot put anything past his co-conspirators in the peculiar events of the last day and a half in Syria.  President Bashar al Assad has been a madman and a murderer for a long time- yet he chose THIS particular time to attack refugees like this?  He has also been in Vladimir Putin’s pocket for a long time.  (You might imagine that Putin’s pocket is getting pretty tight since Assad has to scoot over to make room for Trump’s fat dumpy ass, but I digress.)  If Trump’s governing mojo is going down the drain because Americans are beginning to see him as the Putin puppet he is, then he would desperately need to reverse that narrative or the value of having him in office will be lost.  And Russia worked very hard to help Trump get into office so they don’t want to see that happen any more than he does.

The set up works nicely for all three of these crafty little devils:  Assad gets to openly execute dissidents with chemical weapons which is what he has always wanted to do to terrify his opponents into final submission; Trump gets to show strength and reverse his brutal news cycle by “retaliating” against Assad by blowing up some worthless shit that he doesn’t need anymore and doesn’t care about.  And Putin gets to keep both of his puppets dancing on his string, just as happy as they can be.

syria 4

Now I cannot prove one bit of this theory-  but I admit that I believe that some version of it has happened here.  The results are exactly what is laid out above.  Assad got to kill, Trump stops his slide, and Vladimir maintains control.  There was a major payoff for all of the stakeholders in tis situation- and none of them gives a damn about those Syrian refugees that died.  Trump got elected in part by expressing open enmity against these people so now we are supposed to believe that he is their great protector and defender?  Get the fuck out of here, fellas.  We have some dumb assed people in this country but I don’t think we are THAT dumb- not yet anyway.  And yes, I am aware that our friends and neighbors that are still trapped in the FoxNews Bubble are going to be feeling good for the moment because the narrative is so neat and clean and confirms their most basic narrative:  Trump is strong where Obama was weak.  But if the legitimate media outlets stay on their job- and there are some early indications that they might, this gambit will fail to create the level of distraction they need to get away with all of the bullshit they pulled during the 2016 campaign and beyond.

I was not one to trumpet this position because confirmation bias is the most powerful force in American politics, but this stunt may very well be the best indicator of all that Trump is Toast.

∞ Thanks for checking in-  Do your thing today and I’ll see you tomorrow π

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