Quickie & Coffee- The A.I. Principal

I have a theory that I came up with many years ago that I call the A.I. Principal.  And here goes:

The A.I. Principal holds that there are two kinds of intelligence:  Abstract Intelligence and Applied Intelligence.  Abstract Intelligence can be a lot of fun.  It can help us be very engaging and entertaining human beings.  Abstract Intelligence allows us to imagine concepts that are as complex as they are compelling.  So much so that we can get lost in our own world of Abstract Intelligence.  This is A.I. Principal #1.


Applied Intelligence on the other hand is the intelligence that may not necessarily be sexy all the time but it always has teeth.  Applied intelligence gives us the ability to be effective.  It contains the core knowledge and mental dexterity that permits us to execute and produce in the real world that we all live in.  The “our own world” concepts of Abstract Intelligence carry little weight on this plane of reality.  This is A.I. Principal #2.


I have no problem sharing with my people that being masterful in Abstract Intelligence can really trip a person up when the world demands Applied Intelligence.  Those are hard and sometimes painful revelations but they are as essential as any others that dot the winding road of our life’s journey.  Finding that healthy balance between A.I. #1 and A.I. #2  is essential to living a live that is marked with achievement and satisfaction.  Here’s to hoping that you find the right balance for your journey.

Thanks 4 Checking In- Do Your Thing 2day And I’ll See You 2mrw π

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