Quickie & Coffee- Sooner Or Later, It Comes Down To You

My father hates when I tell this story and has even tried a little revisionist history about it as the years have gone by.  But it is true and it had a profound impact on my worldview.  We were living through a period of financial difficulty and did not have a car at the time.

But Dad- who was a single father raising two sons- had friends of his, lady friends, frequently coming to our sparsely furnished apartment to hang out with him or to take him out.  My brother was a senior in high school and I noticed the same dynamic with him.  Dad had had a few drinks one afternoon and I asked him about the beautiful visitors he and my brother had and whether it was a problem that we didn’t have a car.

Dad looked up from his book and said:

“Son, you can’t drive no damned car up in no woman’s bedroom.”  


Well damn.  Message delivered.  Loud and clear.  Dad was normally a very eloquent guy but I guess he felt like making it plain so he channeled his inner-Muddy Waters.  The take-away is this:

Eventually, It All Comes Down To You.  Your Own Intrinsic Value Has To Be Sufficient To Meet The Moment- Whatever It Requires.

He wishes he’d put that differently, but I like it just how it is.  It has helped me many times along the way and I hope it helps you. Godspeed.

∞ Thanks for checking in-  Do your thing today and I’ll see you tomorrow π 

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      1. Let’s ask the question on TPP Speaks. Does a man need a car? I know the point you are making….JK. Love it!


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