Night Cap with Dana Lena’: Rock Your Naked-All Of It.

We hardly see images like this one in mainstream media despite that recent research says that the average size for women is a 14 which would put weight somewhere upward of 185 pounds…depending on height of course. Women are shaming themselves all over the world because they do not look like twiggy.



We are so out of tune with reality and with most men want and desire.  The average man does not notice cellulite until we point it out. They can care less about dimples in our thighs or extra love around our mid section. Men that love, love and they are not interested in airbrushed women, they want the real thing from the inside out.

If you have birthed a mans babies and he has the audacity to criticize any part of your body that changed, stretched or altered throw his ass out with the babies bath water. When we love ourselves,  we do not allow ourselves to be demeaned and picked apart. Love you and if your partner cannot love you, he is in the way of someone who will. He should only have one option. Love you completely, honestly, holistically, passionately and protectively without judgement…anything else should be unacceptable and a deal breaker.


But you know what the guru’s say, no one will ever treat us better than we treat us so if we are not getting what we need and desire the buck starts and stops with the face staring back in the mirror. If you have a man who loves every part of you, girl give him all of you and give it to him good.

I promise he will be so entrenched in the goodness that he won’t notice whatever you are noticing.  Rocking all of you will be for your good and for his pleasure and when you give your beloved his pleasure life gets really, really, really goody good good!

full figure




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