Quickie & Coffee- It’s Complicated

The multi-billion dollar scandal industry revolves around the natural human reflex to try to know the unknowable.  I am referring to the weekly gossip magazines that stare at us while we check out of the grocery store with the night’s dinner.  Those magazines are about the romantic relationships of other people and as titilating as it may be, they cannot truly tell the reader what is going on- even if they have interviewed “reliable sources.”  And this includes those special editions where one of the parties to the relationship has decided to offer an “EXCLUSIVE!” to “TELL ALL!”  The simple fact is that

When It Comes To Romantic Relationships, It Is Rarely Simple.  Usually, It’s Complicated.

Think about one of the most famous and tumultuous romances in the history of celebrities, Ike and Tina Turner.


How would their relationship have played out in the pages of US Weekly or People?  It is frightening to imagine knowing what we know now.  But what is undeniable is that Tina has said many times over the years that she really loved Ike- even after she left him and rebuilt an amazing life that was destined to be played out on the big screen.

Ike-Tina Turner-Sagitario-1

She never hesitated to credit him with being the force and the energy that launched her life and even in telling her harrowing tale made sure she conveyed that their bond was real.  It wasn’t for anybody on the outside to approve of or understand.  It was just about them.  And like almost every other passionate love affair, it was complicated.

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  1. Hmm. Interesting, Sir. Ike and Tina’s relationship was interesting and I have watched the big screen version a dozen times. Lots of lessons in this one.


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