Quickie & Coffee 2- Leaders: Vanity Is Your Enemy

Vanity has a corrupting influence on the character of leaders.  So much so that when vanity becomes a featured characteristic in a leader, that leader ceases to be a leader at all. He becomes a diva.  Words that should be used to direct and uplift the team, organization or congregation, become words of self-exaltation and manipulation.  The connection between the leader and the group is broken and whatever the mission is gets lost.  The leader is in love with himself and can only see what is good for him.  So for everyone who is in any position to be led, I offer you this:

If the Leader Cannot See You, They Leader Cannot Lead You

Most of us have lived long enough to see this dynamic play out in a number of contexts and we can recognize it when we see it.  The pastor you cannot touch or talk to; the CEO who never communicates with the rank and file; the coach who ignores players on the team.  Each of these figures is stricken with vanity and is ripe for a big fall.  Don’t you go down with them.

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4 thoughts on “Quickie & Coffee 2- Leaders: Vanity Is Your Enemy

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  1. “If the leader cannot see you, they cannot lead you”, now, that’s a quote right there! This picture is very disturbing…but we should be more disturbed with those this image depict.


    1. I am glad this quickie spoke to you. I believe that it is easy to miss just how toxic vanity can be in a person’s spirit and how it can undermine their effectiveness. That image borders on a horror-film energy- which is no accident.


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