Facebook Censorship Is A Warning Shot (Contains Adult Language)

Let me be perfectly clear:  This is not about me.  A core belief of The Progressive Pugilist and the tight circle of confidantes and constituents that make this blog site live and breath every day is that servant leadership is the only leadership worthy of the name.  So when Facebook censored a piece that we published under my pen on yesterday my first thought was how such an action might affect our community of readers.  People who are self-aware enough, civically engaged enough, politically conscious enough, and intellectually heavy enough to dig what we are offering in this space do not need LESS actionable intel and compelling insights, they need MORE of it.

There is so much fuckery and foolishness on the internet that it has literally become a threat to human advancement.  We broadcast the very worst of who we are as human beings on an endless loop and that cannot be good for our collective psyche.  While there are literally billions of healthy lines of communication to find on the net, there are 2 billion more that are dedicated to showing human beings degrading one another or themselves through acts of graphic violence, sexual depravity, verbal terrorism, criminality and general hedonism.  And a great deal of it finds its way onto Facebook.

So imagine our shock when we got a message that the piece that we published about the social and psychological dynamics of interracial dating for black women had been censored.  There was no real explanation provided- some bullshit legalspeak about the content violating Facebook’s “community standards”- less than a week after a gang rape of a teenage girl was posted on Facebook and an actually killing was captured and disseminated from their platform.  So guys, give me a fucking break.  If my perspective was too real for you and what I wrote hit a nerve then that means that the dialogue is constructive.

My language can be rough at times but we live in a rough world.  The battles we have to fight right now politically and socially are not going to be won by sheep, they are going to be won by wolves.   The Progressive Pugilist is committed to hitting hard with its perspectives but also to being fair.  And for you to interfere with our access to our audience for a day while somebody over there nursed their hurt feelings is unprofessional and unacceptable.

Portrait of african american Boxer with the American flag draped around his body against black background

Grow up, people.  Being politically correct is NOT a requirement to access your platform- unless of course it is politically correct to watch 9 year old girls twerking in panties, 12 year old boys choking themselves to death playing a “game”, or 16 year old boys setting themselves on fire in some “challenge.”  All of this was propagated on your platform.  And you want to censor TPP for pointing out obvious facts about the attraction between black men and white women?  Get the fuck out of here.

I understand that there may be some panicking going on over there with all of the negative press right now and the lawyers have surely gotten a hold of the operations people.  I began my career as an attorney myself so I dig the necessity to take action to clean up your own house when trouble is brewing.  But folks, this ain’t the way.  Fly above the turbulence and respect the rights of your members to express themselves without the constraints of political correctness or social expediency.  In case anybody missed it because of Facebook’s censorship, feel free to check out “Sisters, It Really Isn’t You.  It’s Still The Forbidden Fruit.”  It is back up and shows as a posting from April 18th.    I hope you enjoy it and you can bet your ass there will be more of it to come- regardless of what Facebook decides to do.  Bear in mind, we are called The Progressive Pugilists for a reason.  Godspeed.

∞ Thanks for checking in-  Do your thing today and I’ll see you tomorrow  π


DVH, Esquire

5 thoughts on “Facebook Censorship Is A Warning Shot (Contains Adult Language)

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    1. We Will Never Stop Doing Our Thing- Speaking In Truth and Acting In Truth. Can’t do that without throwing some punches and taking a few too. So glad you are ride or die, Miss Perry. Thanks for clearing this up for TPP!


    1. I really hate that you feel that way about your life Lakisha. We’ve got a quickie on here that reminds our friends of the simple reality that happiness is a choice. Please check it out- you may find it helpful. So glad you liked the piece.


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