SCORE A BIG WIN FOR THE LADIES! FOX Dumps Controversial Primetime Host

It’s pretty sweet when somebody gets what’s coming to them- for good or bad.  But it is particularly gratifying when a public figure who is committed to acting an ass at every available opportunity gets summarily dumped on his in front of the entire world.  That is what happened to Bill O’Reilly yesterday as Twentieth Century Fox announced that it was parting ways with the cable news icon despite two decades of ratings dominance in prime-time.  The O’Reilly Factor is the most popular and influential news oriented program in the history of cable television.  It’s dismantling is no small affair.


Bill O’Reilly was body-slammed to the curb by the FoxNews Network’s parent company because his years and years of abusive and harassing conduct toward women finally caught up with him.  If a guy has actually paid off 5 different sexual harassment cases over the last 15 years, you bet your ass there were ten times as many women who did what is normally done by women who come up against a jackass like him in the workplace: they suffered in silence and finally moved on when they couldn’t take anymore.  So it is reasonable to extrapolate that Bill O’Reilly is a serial abuser of women in the workplace.  Considering the insanity surrounding the ouster of Fox News president Roger Aisles earlier this year for serial sexual harassment it is evident that the atmosphere at the conservative network must have looked something like this:


So it is a good thing that Bill O’Reilly has suffered the embarrassment and indignity of being yanked off the stage and away from his own platform without the opportunity to sign off on his own terms.  But since he is probably going to get paid upwards of $25 million to walk away I think he’ll be ok.  But what does this mean for his viewing public- the women in particular?

I have always found it fascinating that there are so many women who are so deeply committed to and invested in conservative political narratives- including the searing hatred of Hilary Clinton.  It has always been obvious to progressives that conservative men do not respect women and cannot see them as equals- even if they have learned to pay lip service to it.  Will conservative women notice that the network that has committed itself to becoming the official propaganda wing of the Republican Party and the go-to source for all conservative dogma has been exposed as an environment of rancid nihilism, rampant sexual manipulation and old-school sexual exploitation?  Do conservative women really expect to be respected by the rest of the world when we believe that the men they vote for during elections and view during prime-time news hour see them like this?


But don’t take the word of The Progressive Pugilist:  look up the huge settlements paid out to women who cast their professional lot at Fox News who were pushed to their breaking point and sued.  Gretchen Carlson got $20 million dollars herself in a settlement only weeks after filing her lawsuit.  Conservative politics are riddled with hypocrisy and this latest debacle puts the spotlight squarely where it belongs- on the women who continue to patronize the phony culture warriors and Christian crusaders.  It was the activism of progressive women that got the biggest offender off the air but it is up to the core audience of Fox News programming to finish the job and kill the network itself.  Because Bill O’Reilly could not have done this shit alone and had it not been for the 50 plus companies pulling their ads from his program under pressure from protesters, he would still be on.


So if you are a woman who is a conservative, a viewer of Fox News, and a Trump voter (first of all, how in the hell did you find your way to THIS blog?) you finally have an opportunity to redeem yourself:  walk away from these assholes once and for all.  Get up off of your knees because no women are crawling around at MSNBC or CNN.  We will welcome you with open arms- no judgment or questions about your past- as long as you leave those damned leashes behind you.  Progressives don’t get down like that.

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5 thoughts on “SCORE A BIG WIN FOR THE LADIES! FOX Dumps Controversial Primetime Host

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  1. I pray that we come across the pricks in these pictures so you can give them the pleasure of taking the place of the women in these pics….In your special D.V.H. way. You wanted Spicer…Nope. These are the ones….assholes. Great article by the way.


    1. Miss Perry, I know that a woman like you is literally set on fire by images like these- but that is exactly the point. In civil and sophisticated circles we have debates and discussions about gender politics and relationship dynamics based on the sane and rational parameters of reasonable people. But there is some ill sh*t going on out here and those dynamics play out in ways that you would never even want to imagine much less experience. So if women at the upper end of the social structure find themselves being abused and exploited by the likes of Bill O’Reilly and Roger Aisles for decades, then women at the other end wind up crawling on their knees with dog collars around their necks and leashes being held by some perversion of a man. It’s a wake up call to all conscious and engaged women. I’m glad you heard the call and hope that many more do likewise.


  2. And I’d bet you my check that these jackals set up these shots of these women with the express purpose of spreading them all over the world via Facebook. We all know about the “community standards” they enforce over there.


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