Sunday Souffle’: Fantasia Reminds Us to Come as We Are and it’s all Necessary


In a world of foolishness, it is easy to get lost in the opinions of men especially in environments that are “religious”. God is not religious. HE is. When Moses asked the Creator to identify His name, the Creator responded, “I AM. My name is I AM”.


There aren’t any rules that govern our relationship with our Creator. It just is. HE allows us the freedom to discover Him on our own.  HE created us intelligent beings and desires for us to exercise our free will and each unique person experiences their own unique journey.

Fantasia is a wonderful depiction of loving her God out loud in her way. Simpletons criticize her for her dress in her shows and find fault with her praise because of it. Misguided they are.  Most of them need to get a “praise”.

Praise is from the heart. Worship is from the Spirit. God does not look at the outward appearance of man. Clothed is a clergy robe, HE loves us. In a g-string, HE loves us. Naked, HE loves us. Sober, HE loves us. High out of our minds, HE loves us. In our beds alone, HE loves us and in the bed with other folk, HE loves us. In Sin, He loves us. Redeemed from sin, HE loves us.

Whatever state we may find ourselves in, God loves us. Filthy and ratched or holy and righteous….it is all the same to the Master. Agape (unconditional) love is not predicated on our behavior, it is predicated on the desire of the Lover….and a Lover, God surely is.

Once you encounter, the KING of Kings, and the Lord of Lords (better known as JESUS), you will surely know the difference and your adoration of Him will not be governed by exterior conditions as you discover that life indeed is a sweet, rich, deep journey with lessons to be learned, sins to be forgiven and things to be forgotten. The lyrics of the song sang above become rhema (living) and we understand that there is a purpose in our pain, there is power in overcoming it and every single thing that happens some kinda way, is for our good….if we are not a spawns of the evil one (LOL).  God uses it all. The good, the bad and the ugly…it is ALL necessary. Anyone that stands in judgement of another, stands in judgement of himself. What man desires to stone to death another for, his own transgressions are worthy of a death sentence. Thank God, HE occupies His throne alone.

I know now that life can be complicated and things are not always as they appear. Like, Tasia; I have had a few situations that left me shook…but when the dust settled, I was still standing.

Thank you Miss Fantasia for the reminder and being the wonderful bundle of authentic goodness that you are. Keep doing what you do and being who you are. You are a living, transparent testimony of grace…For such a time as this.




One thought on “Sunday Souffle’: Fantasia Reminds Us to Come as We Are and it’s all Necessary

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  1. That is a moving message, Miss Perry. It cannot be amplified and needs no further explanation. All that is left is to thank you for writing it- and I do. I believe whoever needs this en encouragement will find it here today.


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