Quickie & Coffee- Promises and Possibilities

What if it really is possible to achieve the your greatest visions?  Can we really be good enough to exceed our own wildest aspirations?  Look at these people in this picture and really think about the arc of their journey.  They showed us what is possible in our world if we actually keep the promises that we make- first the ones we make to ourselves, then the ones that we make to others.

There is only one Barack Obama and only one Michelle Obama.  But there is only one you, too.  So take some time today and

Revisit the promises that you have made to yourself along your journey.  Then consider the possibilities if you actually deliver on those promises.  

There is no better way to show your love for yourself. Stevie Wonder said it best: Love’s in need of love today.  So start with yourself and your own promises and possibilities.

Thank you for checking in.  Do your thing today, and I’ll see you tomorrow π

4 thoughts on “Quickie & Coffee- Promises and Possibilities

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  1. I LOVE THIS! I have a problem with the word unimaginable because it seems to be in conflict. Unimaginable means: not possible to imagine. Don’t we have to have the very image of something, already conceptualized in order to conclude that it is not possible? Yes, we do. So if there is an image of something, it has been imagined, it is seen; therefore I believe it is possible. Impossible broken down says Im(I am) Possible.
    Thanks for the reminder of the importance of getting back to what we are supposed to be getting back to and that is crucial to our personal identity and the fulfillment of our purpose. Not someone elses, OURS! And yes, you are correct. It is easy to become distracted with childishness and pettiness. Stay focused. Press ahead and remember the promises we make to ourselves.


    1. Point well taken. So much so that I may very well dispose of the term unimaginable altogether. I maintain the point of the piece should still stand despite the use of this orphan term. At least I hope it does…


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