Quickie & Coffee- Think Twice, Speak Once & Never Have To Say You’re Sorry

This lovely young lady above looks to me like she is taking a moment of pause.  I imagine that she is thinking twice before she speaks- an act that we all should emulate at every turn.  Because here is the thing, once you say something you cannot call the words back should you later regret them.


This girl is very pretty so she can probably get away with bitter words by following them with a sweet apology- but that play will run out eventually- even for her.  Because even when you apologize for something you say the fact remains that

Your Words Reflect Your True Thoughts And Feelings In The Moment- And That Moment Is Just As Real As The One That Comes Later When You Regret Those Words Once They Hit Their Mark.

So understand the fact that your subsequent claims that you “didn’t mean” something that you said will ring hollow because people know you meant it when you said it- and that is injury enough.  So Think Twice, Speak Once and never have to say you are sorry.

∞ Thanks for checking in-  Do your thing today and I’ll see you tomorrow  π 

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