Quickie & Coffee- When Times Get Tough

If you live long enough and boldly enough you are going to face some tough times.  Struggles will come- sometimes from the outside and sometimes from within yourself.  And when they do, your coping reflexes need to be tuned in and tuned up properly.  If they are not, your tough times will get tougher and may even alter the life you had before they came.  There are many coping reflexes a person can have but this is one of the most important ones of all:

When Times Get Tough And Are Taking A Heavy Toll On Your Heart And Mind, Do Not Turn ON The One You Love, Turn TO The One You Love.  

If you turn ON the love in your life, or even away from them, you will alienate them and pass your hurting on to them.  But if you turn TO them, and they really are worthy of the position they hold, then you can fight against whatever is hurting you together.  And when you fight together, you will win together and be even better when it is all over.  But if you retreat into solitude and separation then your bond has no chance to get stronger through the challenge.

The former option promotes darkness in the union and the latter extends the light you will need to see your way through any more tough times that may lay ahead.

∞ Thanks for checking in-  Do your thing today and I’ll see you tomorrow  π

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