Looks Like A lot Of Men Out Here ‘Need A Man’ Too

Manhood needs to make a comeback.  And I mean the real thing- not that contrived bullshit you see and hear on television, at the movies and on stages everywhere.  The authentic old school brand of manhood- the kind that was forged in the foundries of the midwest in the 60’s and the fields of the rural south in the decades before that.  That was manhood earned the hard way, not just assumed by the passage of time and performance of social rituals. Taking a look around it appears that manhood has been on a losing streak and only some tough love and serious introspection will turn things around.  Let’s face it:  if American manhood had not hit rock-bottom there is absolutely no way that a pampered, pussy-assed, fake tough-guy like Donald Trump could ever have been elected president with a huge majority of the male vote.

But like in all things, when America catches a cold, Black America catches the flu.  If American Manhood has hit rock-bottom, then Black-American Manhood has fallen into the sewer.  Look at our cover boy up there, Tyrese Gibson.


This dude plays tough-talking, wise-cracking, ass-kicking hero character in action movies and croons R&B tunes designed to send panties flying to the stage.  Many women love this guy and see him as a fine expression of black  manhood.  Yet, here he is in public crying like a pussy over the death of some white cat that probably didn’t give a shit about him.  The deceased was Paul Walker, the star of the movie series he has had  part in for years.  And maybe they were friends but looking at this fool falling apart and wail in pain over some white man makes him look like a slave crying for his massa.  It is just a bad look.  Sisters don’t need to see that bullshit out of thier men.

But that man law violation was not nearly as egregious as this one here:


This took the crying slave image to a new level.  This dude is former NFL wide receiver Terrell Owens, commonly known as T.O.  Well after years and years of criticizing, attacking and assailing quarterbacks on his teams, T.O. collapsed into a puddle of tears on national television during an interview over reporters saying mean things about Tony Romo- who clearly gives less than a fuck about whether T.O. lives or dies.  For all of his big mouthed tough talk and dramatic histrionics up until that time, this fool was so overwhelmed with emotion over Tony that he could only whimper through his tears and sniffling on that microphone “That’s my quarterback….  that’s my quarterback.”  Get the fuck outta here, T.O.  This dude was the worst teammate in the history of teammates and now he is suddenly Jon Coffee and feels the pain of the whole world inside of himself?

I have a nine year old daughter who is very sensitive and she would not explode into emotion and tears like that if somebody said mean things about me or her mother.  What the fuck is going on with us?  Being a black man myself I have a theory.  (Of course I do, that’s why I’m here.)  When it comes to guys whose lives revolve around or involve media attention- even tangentially- we have reached a period where exposing- or over-exposing- emotion is rewarded.  And because this behavior is rewarded, it gets repeated. And because these guys’ conduct happens to be public, it is magnified and then it multiplies.  And THAT is where the problem hits us the hardest.

Anybody who has had the misfortune of attending a recreation league or high school sporting event recently can attest to the shamefully emotional conduct of our boys and emerging men in many public spaces.  Both of these guys pointed out here happen to be flagrant attention whores and they act accordingly.  That is not a criticism, just an objective observation.  The question is, do we REALLY want more of our black boys and black men to emulate that conduct?  Especially when their families, communities and their country needs them most?  I’ll answer for you:  HELL NO!  When was the last time you saw some white man on TV crying and balling over some black dude?  I’ll answer for you again: NEVER!  And that is not a charge of racism- it is an acknowledgment of placism.  Emotions have their place.  And I’m sure that Tony Romo would not have wanted to climb into bed with Jessica Simpson that night and explain why he was so emotional over T.O.’s black ass.

It is time for us to embrace manhood in a traditional way and stop fucking around and preparing our sons to spill out their emotions in public because they are so desperate for attention from performing. This is especially true if they are blubbering messes over white men who are supposed to be their professional colleagues.  Paul Walker died driving like a thousand miles an hour down a public street in some race car.  Fuck him, I’m glad he died before he killed some innocent jogger or some mother pushing a stroller down the street.  And Tony Romo was an overrated media darling quarterback who couldn’t win a big game if he was playing against a high school team, so fuck him too. And here’s a tip, its a goddamned game T.O.  It really doesn’t mean shit.

And before you hate-tweet me, I’ll ask that you save me all the new age bullshit psychobable about a man being in touch with his emotions.  What these dudes did was a bad look and it isn’t any more complicated than that.  Grow a pair, fellas.  You’ve been blessed to enjoy life in the way that you asked to.  So man the fuck up, do your job at home and at work, and speak when necessary to say something significant.  Anything else projects weakness and this just isn’t the time for that.

∞ Thanks for checking in-  Do your thing today and I’ll see you tomorrow  π

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