Quickie & Coffee- The Trials of Turbulence

We can so easily take it for granted because we fly a lot. But there is an amazing lesson to be learned from air travel. We find that lesson when our voyage forces us to fly into a threatening storm.  When those storm clouds and forceful wind gusts begin to toss and pitch our aircraft around even the most frequent of fliers starts talking to God.  But right in the middle of striking our grand bargain, the pilot reaches for the science that God made before He even made us:

He accelerates the engines and elevates the altitude, flying above the storm clouds into the clear, peaceful, friendly skies above. 

After rising above the turbulence, the plane ride is smooth again and the view from up there is always breathtaking.  So let it be with us:  when we find ourselves flying in turbulence, we must accelerate our engines and fly above it until we reach our destination.  Safe travels and enjoy the ride.

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2 thoughts on “Quickie & Coffee- The Trials of Turbulence

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  1. Pilots know where they are going and they don’t allow turbulence to abort the journey. Your absolutely right! They accelerate and fly above the storm. Two thumbs up.


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