This is a picture of me and my beautiful daughter chilling with the top down of my 2004 Chrysler Sebring Convertible (the arm is of my gentle giant son). I have owned this car for over a decade (before my babygirl was born) and it has about $118k miles on it. The body is in great shape and up until a this past week, my repairs had been less than $800 over the last TEN years.

paid for

Now, something happened to me a few years ago when I got the car title in the mail. I stopped paying a car note!!!! OMG….what freedom. That savings actually allowed me to acquire another asset……my first home. I cannot tell you the immense joy I felt as I walked away from this closing table with my keys…and yes, my baby girl was right there. Watching her Mommy do what some would say I could not do as a self employed divorced chic with two kids. THE DEVIL IS A LIAR. I can do anything that I want to do, I prepare to do and I will to do.

When we determine what we value, our dollar will follow. I needed a rental car while my car was being repaired and I must say, it was a beauty.


With a ton of bells and whistles and that NEW CAR smell but I am not moved. My  car has at least another 100,000 miles on it and I will get every one out of it. This car will be passed down to my son sometime next year after his 16th birthday and then I will be forced to purchase another pre-owned vehicle. I am however open to any GM and or dealership gifting me one. There is some value for them to do so….me in anything drives up the value so if you are a GM or Dealer that has stumbled across this post, I will gladly accept your generosity.

The day I pay top dollar for a anything that will depreciate before the check clears is a day I will never see. Having a value system that governs our decisions is a system that will allow us to garner resources and assets that will position us to garner more resources and assets. Black people in particular have to stop allowing “bling” to define us and give us esteem. I am one bad chocolate drop in a station wagon or riding a bicycle. Esteem, worth and pride comes from within. Let us resist the labels, the newest gadgets, the bigger homes with unused rooms and consider modesty in exchange for building sustainable wealth.

What I buy next I assure you will be in the ASSET column on my profit and loss statement and I am rebuking the New Car Smell Demon that is trying to seduce me. Nope, No and Hell No.



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  1. Well stated! Like George Clinton said, free your mind and your ass will follow. One big concern though: Does this financial advice column mean you are leaving The Progressive Pugilists for the Suze Orman Show?


  2. LOL….you are hilarious! No, I am not leaving you for Suze Orman. I will continue to share what I learn and besides I have a ways to go before I get that invite but I am working on it!


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