We didn’t believe it was possible for Trump to compete in the primaries- and then he did.  We didn’t believe it was possible for Trump to win the GOP nomination- and then he did.  We didn’t believe it was possible for Trump to win the general election over Hillary- and then he did.  We didn’t believe Trump would succeed in dismantling Obama’s signature legislation on healthcare and then…

Our little period of breathing easy just ended.  We should not have been taking a breath anyway but after all we had been through over the last year, it is understandable.  But just like Jason in the Friday the 13th movies, Trump and his faithful lap-dogs in the GOP are back and now they are primed to do much more than just embarrass the hell out of the country.  They are about to take a machete to the heads and necks of anybody who only has health insurance because of the 2009  federal legislation that mandated it.


With yesterday’s House vote passing legislation that would destroy the key protective provisions of  the Affordable Care Act, the GOP is on the verge of exploding in ecstasy all over the faces of a huge segment of the American public- including tens of millions of people who voted them into office.  And from the sickeningly satisfied grins on their fat faces in the Rose Garden yesterday, they are really enjoying it.  Open wide, Nebraska, but please save some for Kansas.


And even though those delusional voters asked for this disgusting and disgraceful mess they are in, the good guys still need to do what we can to stop this assault before it goes any further.  It is more than just these tribal idiots who are going to get hurt by this high stakes game of Russian roulette.  We simply cannot allow Obamacare to die.  Too many people are depending on it for their very lives right now and millions more will need it in the years ahead who don’t even know it yet.  In short, without access to proper healthcare people will suffer and many will die.  There is no getting around it.  I’ll spare you the details in this piece as we have set them out in detail twice before.  The bottom line is this shit just got real.

There are children with cancer in the hospital right now who will suddenly have this thing called a “lifetime cap” on their healthcare benefits that will cause their treatments to stop unless mommy and daddy have a few hundred thousand dollars in the bank to keep them alive.  It doesn’t get any more real than that.


For the GOP “winning” means people lose access to healthcare in the name of “freedom” and for the good guys “winning” means providing access to healthcare for those who need it most.  It really is just that simple.  It is a question of values and priorities.  The good guys value lives and the bad guys are the jackals that value profits above everything else- regardless of what they call it.  So we better wake up and hit the ground running.

Call your congressman, call your senator, call your local newspaper, call your doctor’s office, call the damned Easter Bunny if you can find the number but get on the phone and stay after folks until they give you some kind of an answer on where they stand specifically.  Get them on record.  But more important than that, tell them where YOU stand.  And then find somebody else to call.  If there is a meeting being held anywhere near you- and I mean anywhere within a drive- go there and be seen and heard.  This is no time for pedestrian or passenger citizenship.  It is time to activate.  Be as professional and dignified and intellectual as you want to be just BE OUT THERE!


If the Obamacare that we know dies, many many people will die along with it that don’t have to.  And do not listen to any experts or pundits who say that the Senate won’t pass this jive ass “repeal and replace” bullshit the House and FOX News are pushing.  Craven cowardice runs rampant in D.C. and under the slightest pressure, these people have demonstrated time and again that they will fold.  So put no faith in them.  Put your faith in yourself.  In sum, BE THE CHANGE YOU WANT TO SEE IN THE WORLD.  This time, your life or the lives of people you care about may be on the line.

∞ Thanks for checking in-  Do your thing today and I’ll see you tomorrow  π 



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  1. November 8th was a sad day in American history and the people that voted for this man will get what they asked for. Unfortunately, those that did not will have to bear the consequences with them but I believe in a “ram in the bush”. Call me whatever, but optimism reigns. Good always wins and always prevails. Always….despite what it may look like in the hour. When one door is closed, another opens. When one man says no, another says yes. Doctors and hospitals may very well agree to treat patients…anyway. Donald Trump does not hold the life of anyone in his hands. He ain’t that powerful…no man is.

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    1. Say it Miss Perry. You are right. My addition to your points is that some of us are here to counter the energy of people like this. If enough people do their part, This fool will get what’s coming to him in time enough for us to enjoy the spectacle.


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