Why Won’t Women Support Other Women In Leadership? (Warning: Contains Adult Language)

Ladies, Trump is embarrassing the hell out of our country and destroying damn near everything he touches- and it really is your fault.  Don’t shoot the messenger, please.  If American women supported Hilary Clinton in anywhere close to the numbers that men supported Donald Trump, we would not be living through the circus-act dumpster-fire presidency of Donald Trump.  We need women in leadership at the highest levels of governance, industry, and religious institutions but other women won’t support them in the numbers to make it happen.  And it is a tragedy.


Men have been in charge of them all since the beginning and it has gotten us about as far as it is likely to take us.  We are literally and figuratively starting to go backwards and it is time for widespread change.  It is a poor reflection on our social evolution that we remain so testosterone oriented with so much evidence that we desperately need to diversify.  The election of Trump, who embodies everything that is soulless and wrong with American male culture has to represent the nation finally “hitting rock bottom” with male leadership.  We can’t ignore the fact that our nation preferred to seat a manifestly unqualified man in our highest office than to install one of the most qualified candidates EVER in the role and that candidate just happed to be a woman.  So evidently it is time for some straight talk.   And The Progressive Pugilist will be pleased to provide it like nobody else will.


Let me be clear:  obviously there are men who can lead and many times lead well.  But it is also obvious that our dicks get in the way and it happens a lot.  We can be committed to a cause or a calling and if something stirs the love below the right way at the wrong time, all of it can go up in smoke in a blink.  It has been happening throughout all of recorded history and is happening somewhere right now as I am writing this piece.  And while the narratives from biblical accounts to the present day so often focus on the questionable morality of the women involved, the fact is that in every case the man saw the woman, his dick got hard and the rest was history.  Whoever is responsible for the phrase “a hard dick has no conscience” should be canonized and quoted by name in ivory towers from Portland, Maine to Portland, Oregon and every stop in-between.  We have seen that phrase proven accurate more than a few times and its never pretty.

Even where there is not an instance of an outright “sex scandal” that brings about the demise of a public leader, I believe that the distracting nature of our dicks diminishes our leadership performance to the point that a woman of comparable capabilities could do the job more effectively simply because she does not have to expend any energy corralling the beast that dwells within men.

I confess that I have never been a regular church-goer so my insights are limited by light experience and mild exposure.  But I have visited enough times in my life that I know good and Goddamned well that unless the Pastor and the Deacons posted up in front of the congregation are blind eunuchs they see all of that feminine pulchritude in the congregation and they are affected by it- especially in a black church.  If they are really about the business at hand, they will have to struggle mightily to remain focused on teaching and preaching the lessons of the good book.


If they are not, they’ll just be scanning the pews for who they’ll be holding a special prayer session with later on that night- complete with plenty of laying on of hands and maybe even some speaking in tongues.   I won’t even bother advancing the argument that these are particularly bad men, but they are just men- nothing more.  So they will fight this battle while trying to serve in a very important capacity.  Frankly, I think it is nearly impossible for a man to be as effective in this role than a woman and it is all about the dick factor.


We all know that power is the greatest aphrodisiacof them all.  And if a man is perceived to have power, women will be more attracted to him and therefor more likely to make themselves available to him- sexually and otherwise.  And the more powerful that man feels, the more prone he is to express that power through his dick- conquering as much pussy as he can within the parameters of his role.  This is the ultimate vicious cycle as each dynamic feeds off of the other building momentum in perpetuity.

The key point to this discussion is that this dynamic does NOT work in reverse.  Men are not naturally aroused by women in powerful positions relative to the station we occupy.  To the contrary, men are more often than not naturally cooled by the element of authority even if a woman is highly appealing.  Of course most men can get over it- but it is something to get over.  Meanwhile, women in powerful positions are not prone to flex the muscles of their influence by capturing dicks amongst those they are leading.  It is just not a dynamic that is a part of the zeitgeist- despite obvious attempts by entertainment outlets to introduce it into the mainstream.

I am not suggesting that men are no better than animals with no capacity for restraint or self-control.  What I am suggesting is that the drive for sexual gratification in men is so powerful and pronounced that it compromises our capacity to lead too often to be ignored.  Of course as we become educated and polished and refined and evolved and controlled, we learn to contain and mask our animal reflexes so we don’t walk around drooling with our eyes popping out and hunched over to protect a brick hard dick.


Yes, ladies, we actually have to train ourselves OUT of being that creature.  That is how we are wired so this is not a value judgment.  Instead it is a value proposition:  is it worth it to put a person in charge of so many critical functions when he has to fight this battle?  Why not pick somebody who never has to wrestle this demon on top of everything else that he must do to perform at peak levels?  The disturbing fact about how our dicks influence our governance, our leadership and our performance is that we consider our dick rewards to be a part of the payoff for our professional role in a way that women do not and probably cannot relate to.  For us, this act of service and submission depicted below is not merely an act of sex, but a validation of our value.


Crazy, right?  I know but it’s real.  This is the reason why office sex is so popular.  It is not (always) because we are so turned on in the moment that we can’t wait to get a willing woman out of the office and back to her house to take our time and do it right.  We want it in our office on the desk because the psychological payoff is far greater in that setting.  Question, did President Clinton really just have to get that blow job in the oval office?  Of course not- and I rest my case.  And does anyone expect that a woman would be THIS tacky, corny, irresponsible and cliche’ in serving her own sexual proclivities if she were president?  Case closed.

The time for change has come.  And this is not one of those jive pandering pieces where men push those silly bullshit arguments about women being smarter than men to get cheap applause and maybe a shot at some draws.  I’m good on that front.  Fact is, intellect is no respector of gender.  The simple reality is that we have hit a wall structurally and culturally and we need a new brand of leadership to get us over.  This last election is proof that we have gone off the rails and it was deeply dispiriting.  But if you want your spirits lifted, just look below for a glimpse of the future which is actually happening right now.  This is kick-ass Kamala Harris.  U.S. Senator from California, former Attorney General and key campaign operative for Team Obama.  She is about to blow up on the national stage and she is likely to start a wave.

So I’m advocating for a massive estrogen infusion at the highest levels of leadership across the board- starting with Senator Harris for President in 2020.  But if other women don’t support it, it will not make a bit of difference.

And to men whose game is really tight I say this: you have nothing to fear because the talents you own still belong to you and the value they carry won’t evaporate because a woman is at the top of your organization.  So if you have learned anything over the years, you’ve figured out that your dick can deliver great joy as well as it can receive it.  And if you are lucky, maybe you’ll wind up working for this lady down here and discover that it can be a wonderful thing for her to be on top, in control and making it work. Here’s hoping she hires you and you win employee of the month- several times.


∞ Thanks for checking in-  Do your thing today and I’ll see you tomorrow π 

4 thoughts on “Why Won’t Women Support Other Women In Leadership? (Warning: Contains Adult Language)

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  1. Dear Sir,
    Your opening is interesting to say the least LOL! I can only imagine how many people saw that first line alone and gave up. I kept reading because I had some kind of faith that “this can’t be it”. I’m glad I read it all. Thanks for this.


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