Whores In Trump World: James Comey’s Remix On Political Promiscuity (Warning: Contains Adult Language)

Webster’s defines the term “promiscuous” this way:

1.  characterized by or involving indiscriminate mingling or association, especially having sexual relations with a number of partners on a casual basis.
2.  consisting of parts, elements, or individuals of different kinds brought together without order.
3.  indiscriminate; without discrimination.
4.  casual; irregular; haphazard.

But after the events of the last 48 hours, I can offer a simple two word definition that fits just as well:  James Comey.  But he is by no means alone.  He is following suit with the party that put him in charge the FBI almost three decades ago.

A quick review of Republican voters and lawmakers under President Donald Trump reveals quickly and clearly that political promiscuity is every bit as real as sexual promiscuity and the definition above supports that view.  We will not mince words in this piece.  The GOP’s lust for power and victory in 2016 has turned it into a political whore- all used up, busted out and banged out the frame.  Policy positions are like sexual partners: you need to find one that works for you and stay with it until something happens that just makes it impossible to go forward. Then you move on to your next position and stay put for the foreseeable future.  But the GOP has become a political whore due to flagrant policy promiscuity.  If you listened to their standard bearer on the campaign trail for any given week you would have heard him take up every position on every issue that was put before him.


And just like a footloose whore, this guy would do absolutely anything that felt good in the moment without regard for the consequences later.  If he needed to say he would punish women for having an abortion, he’d say that.  If he needed to say that he would give every single American health insurance he’d say that.   If he needed to say that he’d provide childcare for all working mothers, he’d say that.  If he needed to say that he never heard of David Duke, he’d say that.  If he needed to say Barack Obama was not a natural born American, he’d say that.  And then in  few day’s time he’d just take it all back and just switch positions.  And in the meantime, the GOP voter, pundit and representative class would just stay down on their knees in vulgar submission to this miscreant, sucking it all up and swallowing it all down with a smile.  It was a disgusting spectacle then and it remains a disgusting spectacle now.


How does Mitt Romney call himself a man after attacking Trump as a fraud and a con-man with all of his might and then crawling on his knees from Salt Lake City to New York City to beg for the Secretary of State appointment?  How does Marco Rubio call himself a man after attacking Trump as mentally unstable and grossly unqualified yet endorse him for president and campaign for his election?  How does Ted Cruz call himself a man after attacking Trump as a pathological liar and a coward and then scurrying to his side like a servile puppy when summoned to discuss possible treats in a Trump Administration?  How does Jason Chaeffetz call himself a man after saying he was so disgusted by Trump’s pussy-grabbing confessons that he had to withdraw his support out of respect for his own wife and daughters, only to turn tail and re-endorse him less than a week later?  How does Chris Christie call himself a man after posturing as a tough-talking man’s man for years and then being walked by Trump like a dog on a leash for months before being passed over for any job in Trump’s White House?   The fact is that NONE of these men are men anymore if they ever were in the first place.  They are all whores now- irretrievably broken by their promiscuity and irredeemable for any voter that is not given to that same political promiscuity themselves.


The definition of promiscuous at the top of this discussion fits perfectly because in the current political environment, the GOP is all over the place.  Truly, they are behaving in a manner that is “casual; irregular and haphazard.”  Have they been “indiscriminate” and “without discrimination“?  You bet your ass they have.  Voters and elected officials alike are jumping in and out of bed with every political position imaginable- and working it in every conceivable position- leaving nothing to the imagination and holding nothing back for another day with a better suited long-term partner.  Their Pimp-In-Chief has them tricking off and publically supporting the most expensive government initiatives imaginable and pushing a new isolationist foreign policy that is “neutral” on Isreal and unapologetically pro-Russia.  All of this has been unheard of in Republican politics for decades.  It is clear that these people lust for power so desperately that they don’t care what policy position Trump hands to them, they will pleasure themselves with it immediately and ask questions later. This is the political equivalent of Black Snake Moan.

black snake

The governing principles that the G.O.P. had been faithful to for years are no longer in place for any reason beyond brand management for voters (i.e., their consumers). In the decade that was the end of W’s presidency and the entirety of Obama’s presidency, the world saw the most glaring governing failures the Republican party had seen this side of Richard Nixon and the most effective and impressive governing success the Democrats had seen since FDR.  The record does not lie, nor do the numbers.  There is no statistical argument to counter the fact that Obama was in reality what GOP loyalists have fictionalized Ronald Reagan to have been.  So they were hurting badly as the field of candidates took shape for the general election of 2016- so badly that they pulled a Halle Berry in Monster’s Ball– snatching off their clothes and grabbing the warmest bodied candidate and begging him to “make them feeeel gooood.”  Well he did in that moment and they are stuck with the reality of their choice.  And now we’ll never see them- any of them- like we did before.  We almost always disagreed with Republicans, but we were able to respect them.  But now that is gone- because even if some of us can treat them with the superficial kindness required to get through the moment, nobody truly respects whores.


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2 thoughts on “Whores In Trump World: James Comey’s Remix On Political Promiscuity (Warning: Contains Adult Language)

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  1. Well done sir! Great piece. I must admit I have no idea what
    Black Snake Moan is. Afraid to Google it, I don’t want my computer infected with nastiness!


    1. Thank you, ma’am, so glad you enjoyed it! That peice was inspired by a remarkable lecture I caught yesterday afternoon on satellite radio. Great lecturer! Black Snake Moan is a topic for another day : )


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