Dana Lena’: Rock Your Naked Part III

This is going to be short and sweet because I am probably the only one in the land that does not have one of those recording DVR things, and Empire is on in 15 minutes.

Today, I was at the park with my beloved baby girl and it was full of people walking, jogging and running. I was on the sideline today, because this chocolate drop is tired. However, as I sat, I noticed there were more women hitting their stride then men but there were a few men out there.  The women although they were working on their naked, they appeared to be a little disturbed by their naked. I could not help but overhear all of the commentary about their hips, thighs, buttocks, stomachs, this and that. Self improvement is a beautiful thing but self loathing is not.


Love whatever state you find yourself in. Love on your handles as they melt away if you have them. Love on your extra juicy booty as you sweat it out in that thing that looks like a garbage bag overcoat if that is your deal.

I do not think you have to depreciate yourself on the road to appreciating yourself.

Feel good about you, no matter what the scale says or the tag on the item. Appreciate you….never depreciate you.

Love is a beautiful thing and it is even better when we lavish it on ourselves. We do not have to beat ourselves up as we improve what we desire to improve. Confidence comes from within. Sexiness comes from within and if you are exuding confidence and sexy from the inside out, the man in your life will be feeling so good about your feel good, he just may grab those love handles and use them in a very different way. That tummy cushion may serve as a little relief and maybe grabbing that pillow won’t be necessary. The extra juicy just may create some extra juicy and lots of it.

Rock loving you and I mean really love you and in the process of turning yourself on, you will turn him on in ways you cannot even imagine.

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