Quickie & Coffee Special Edition- Biggie Smalls Is Great Entertainment But Bad Leadership

For the youngsters visiting The Progressive Pugilists today this guy below is the ORIGINAL Biggie Smalls- played by the great Calvin Lockhart in the 70’s Black Cinema cult classic Let’s Do It Again.


And with all due respect to the kick-ass MC Christopher Wallace of the 90’s, the first Biggie is the coolest brother ever and is absolutely impossible to top.  But the point of this quickie is that regardless of which Biggie Smalls you ride with, Biggie Smalls belongs in pop-culture NOT in our leadership or our politics.  Because when we do it in pop-culture it is all fun and games- combining the great size contrast in an unforgettable street name was genius and it worked for both men in their time.

But when you try to put that kind of size contrast to work in one person in real life- in politics or in leadership in general, you’ve got big problems.

Because in real life leaders cannot be big and small at the same time.  They have to decide what they are going to be and just be what they are- and those that select the leaders will determine what kind of a country or culture we are by who they prefer.

Example:  I do not want a politician who concerns himself with where transgender people can use the restroom trying to provide oversight on the Iran Nuclear Deal or negotiating international trade deals.

That just doesn’t work for me- or for the country.  The former issue is as small as it gets and the latter is as big as it gets- and the distribution of a man’s energy between these issues reflects exactly what he is:  BIG or small.

This works on the home front as well.  Does a wife and mother REALLY want her husband obsessing over The Real Housewives of Cleveland when she has two teenagers at home that need to be preparing for college and the perilous world that follows?  I suspect she needs her man to be a lot bigger than television gossip and entertainment- as a rule.  It might be hard for her to take him seriously when a real crisis hits if he spends significant time on such trifling matters.

And please never let anybody tell you that size doesn’t matter.  Sometimes it can mean absolutely everything.  And when it comes to evaluating perspective and focus of leadership, that is  most definitely one of those times.

∞ Thanks for checking in-  Do your thing today and I’ll see you tomorrow  π

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