Weekend Quickie & Coffee- The Box!

The Progressive Pugilist with D.V.H. Esquire

You are cooling out on your weekend, I know.  But here’s a quick message to help you get ready for action in the next 48 hours.

One of the most overworked phrases in all of business-speak and sales-lingo comes up in relation to finding solutions t0 problems by “thinking outside the box.” My apologies if my referencing the phrase triggered your gag reflex before you’ve even had your coffee this morning.  I have always hated that phrase too.  It just recently occurred to me why my distaste for it is so strong as I was weighing my options for addressing a problem I have been trying to solve.  Follow me:

If you have not mastered all of the tools that you have inside of the box, then what in the hell are you looking outside the box for? 

Master your tools and marshal your resources like you appreciate and respect them.  Then exhaust yourself applying them to…

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