In Honor of Vanessa and Regena: Happy Mother’s Day!

We want to say again and again HAPPY MOTHERS DAY to all the women that are birth mothers and spiritual mothers! If you have birthed and raised babies you are a goddess. Without you, there would be NO LIFE. Our men deposit the seed and God designed that we do all the WORK. Thank you, GOD for that!  I guess that is why typically, we live longer (lol).

Ladies, we are women first. We are WOMAN before we are someone else’s anything. Some of us had ROCK STAR mothers and some of us feel as if our mothers could have been more, did more. But you know what? She is who she is…or was. She gave what she had to give and for that we are to be eternally grateful. She could have made a different choice that resulted in us not being here. That is raw but it is real. So because today is Sunday let’s go to church for a minute and say AMEN for the women that are responsible for us being here and making the sacrifices they made to support our lives.

D.V.H. said good-bye to his mother a couple of years ago (Vanessa)



and I laid my mother to rest a few months ago (Regena).


mom 2


This is my first Mothers Day without her and I miss her terribly. But I can only be so sad because she lives inside of me. Every time I clean a batch of collared greens, she is there. Every time, I take a $1000 vacation and only spend $475, she is there. Every time I wave a switch at the legs of my daughter, Regena is there.  Everytime I see the splendid result of an abundant increase for something I have planted, she is there. Her lessons are life long and I will never forget the love and the lectures she deposited in me.

D.V.H. guards his personal space like something I do not even have an analogy for so I hope he will honor the executive producer role he has entrusted in me and not fire me for over sharing his stuff. Vanessa was an extraordinary woman in her own right. Coming into herself and her own, she accomplished things in the 70 and 80’s that white women were grasping and black woman were asking “can we do that too?”.  She was a visionary in her time that birthed a visionary for this time.

Without Vanessa and Regena, TPP, TPP Speaks and the rest of what we are building would not be a reality and the same is true of you. Your mother birthed you and therefore positioned you to birth your dreams and another generation. Let us honor the lives of the woman who said YES to life and YES to us….they could have said NO.


Happy Mothers Day!



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  1. And also, in honor of Georgia, who I’ve got on my mind, this whole day through. I now live in the state after which she was named, but for me, her beauty, like an old, sweet song, inspires a different state, one not limited to municipal boundaries, but one that soars upon the wings provided by the memories of her only son.

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