Mother’s Rock! The Progressive Pugilist Says Happy Mother’s Day & Thank You!

Happy Mother’s Day, Ladies!  The love that we get from our mothers starts us off in this world and if we are lucky we get enough of that love to sustain us throughout the full ride of our lives.  “Thank you” seems too weak a phrase for what mothers do, but I suggest we all say it as often as we can to the mothers in our lives for all that they do everyday.  But more than saying it- MEAN IT.

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I want to extend special Mother’s Day salutations to my people who are celebrating without their mothers this year- especially if it is the first time.  I know there will be some tough moments today but let there be joy inside your tears and a laugh and smile right behind them as you reflect on what made your mother the special gift in your life that I have no doubt she was.


The Progressive Pugilist is the proud father of 4 children who are the authors of more joy in my life than they can ever imagine.  To Daien, Houston, Chancellor & Hannah my instruction to you is to

Love your mothers unconditionally, Support their needs joyfully, Defend them ferociously, and Thank Almighty God for them constantly.  

Your dad is grateful to your mothers for you and will make sure that you know it for as long as God lets me hang around.  Happy Mother’s Day!

∞ Thanks for checking in-  Do your thing today and I’ll see you tomorrow  π

5 thoughts on “Mother’s Rock! The Progressive Pugilist Says Happy Mother’s Day & Thank You!

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  1. Even those of us men who WERE raised with our fathers being very present in our lives, what would we have done without Mama?

    If our family was a house, Daddy was the roof. The protection. The covering. He was the one who was exposed, and beaten and battered daily for our perpetual protection.

    But Mama?

    Mama was the foundation. She was the rock. NOTHING could last, or even stand alone, apart from her.

    I remember all the Mother’s Day dinners, everyone in attendance wearing either a red rose or white; red to indicate your mother was still amongst us, white to celebrate her memory. I often come across the photos from those occasions and recall that red rose on my lapel with both fondness and sadness.

    For those blessed to still wear that red rose today, show Mama all the love she deserves while you can. Give her her roses while she can still smell them.

    For those of us who must now bear the white rose, honor her loving memory. Recall her with loved ones who remember her. Share her life with those who don’t.

    Mothers, you are our life-bearers. You are the mothers of our children. You are the rocks on which our families stand. I honor you and salute you. HAPPY MOTHER’S DAY.


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