Quickie & Coffee- Purposeful Evolution

It is tempting to view personal evolution as a passive process.  It sounds like something that just happens on its own- like the way human physicality developed beyond our need for our tonsils, gall bladders and appendix.  But our personal evolution can be and should be more directed and intentional- or as our title suggests, a purposeful evolution.

When It Comes To The Road Trip That Is Your Life, You Cannot Be A Passenger In The Car, You Have To Be Driving The Car To Get Where You Want To Go

U-Turn section
U-Turn section

The preparation for that road trip is our purposeful evolution.  We can move from one place to another directed by our own vision and designed by our own imagination. Notice that anyone who has achieved anything significant in either their personal or professional lives is quite willing and able to share HOW they did it and their account almost always details their vision and their plan.


Even more revealing is when a person accounts how they changed a personal philosophy- either spiritual or political.  Invariably, at some point, the made a decision to evolve and that decision was born of purpose.  We all have that power- we just have to tap into it for ourselves for the purposeful evolution to begin.

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