Night Cap with Dana Lena’: Sexy Redefined!

I am all about GIRL POWER and appreciating the strength of women and celebrating our beauty and brilliance. All of my ROCK YOUR NAKED pieces reflect that. I am also about acknowledging and celebrating the good in our MEN and building them up! Every man who has ever accomplished his brand of greatness has a woman, his woman beside him. This woman motivates, encourages, edifies, and cheers. One of the things she has mastered is showing him APPRECIATION.

Men are like dogs in more ways than one. Reward their good behavior and they will keep doing whatever it is that got them that juicy treat. Real men work hard. They cut the grass. They pay the bills. They show up and they show out. Not some of the time. All of the time and they line up the Sun, Moon and the Stars when they have too. No excuses and no complaints.

Young Man Leaving Home For Work With Packed Lunch

man working

D.V.H. did a piece on the bad boy phenomenon that has plagued women like one of the 7 plagues of Egypt. Women have found solace and comfort in the nicca’s (white, black, yellow and candy stripe) they pass on the way to their office and have actually allowed his “get in the panties” motivated jibber jabber to be confused with something significant. Nothing is more attractive to a nicca than a woman who belongs to someone else or one that does not need him to do anything for her. All the “independent throw your hands in the air” women are bombarded with men all day long. No shortage for this group because everything is all together and all he has to do is the restaurant and movie thing, buy a rose or two and stuck on silly, thinks she got herself a MAN. As my BFF, Chelle always says, “girl bye!”.

Yesterday, I looked out my window and saw my Sweetness cutting the grass after a long and hard days work and a commute from hell.  I was so turned on from the window, I had to leave the dinner I was preparing for a second to give him a treat. A kiss that would have started something in the middle of the yard for all eyes to see had food not been on the stove. That was more sexy to me than seeing him all suited up and smelling good.


Sexy goes to work, pays the bills, cuts the grass and rake leaves.  Sexy paints rooms on the weekends and cleans the garage. Sexy changes the oil in the car and checks the tire pressure and should be rewarded with a hot meal, a cold brew and lots of yummy treats!

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