Quickie & Coffee- The Silence Option

There is a great temptation to try to talk our way out of problems, out of trouble, and into solutions.  And since we know that when you are talking you aren’t listening, and listening is an essential element to learning, that means that our human reflexes can lead us down the wrong path when we are faced with a crisis.  The chances that we can talk our way to an answer to a difficult challenge without learning something new are slim and none.


Here’s a simple suggestion:  Try the Silence Option.  Just be quiet and listen; Or be quiet and reflect; Or just be quiet and rest.  One thing is certain, taking a moment of silence in the midst of a crisis is a lot better than panicking, overreacting, or speaking in haste- all of which are certain to make the situation worse.


If those words aren’t poetic enough for you, try these, courtesy of the late great Darryl Dawkins:

After everything has been said and done, There is nothing left to say or do.

In that case, JUST BE.  It is hard to argue with that logic so I hope you will give it a try next time you find yourself throwing many paragraphs of dialogue at a problem that seems to be fueled by them rather than weakened by them. Good Luck & Godspeed.

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  1. I’m a classic introvert. Only discovered that a few years ago. Most people talented in the arts, (music, writing, etc.) tend to be introverts. It requires a lot of time alone, reflective time that creative folks need to build the creations that they then give to the world. Whereas extroverts draw their energy from crowds, crowds drain us. We tend to withdraw to recharge – alone. Introverts tend to be very reflective, very inwardly focused, and very much pay attention to even the smallest of things.

    I say all that to make the point that, in my daily observations – where I pay very, VERY close attention to things, I’ve noticed that most folks are poor communicators. Most people know how to talk, how to express, but don’t know how to STFU and listen.

    It’s surprised me in my dating life how there have been moments where, when the woman toward whom my affections were directed, would be going on and on, then pause, a perplexed look on her face.

    “Why haven’t you said anything?”
    “Because, I’m not waiting to interject. I’m not more focused on my response than on your words. I’m, y’know, LISTENING to you.”

    That has elicited surprise on a few occasions, as if she’d never heard such a thing. (There’s an article to be written right there,but from a woman’s perspective, one I’ll leave to the undisputed queen of this realm.)

    Most don’t seem to get that listening is twice as important as talking. The beauty of sunrise in spring is the conversations the birds have, not the conversations we have about the birds having conversations. Some communicate as if God gave us two mouths and one ear. A properly working two-way broadcast tower both transmits and receives, usually with maximum efficiency when each is done exclusive of the other.


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